Saturday, June 23, 2007

Partly Cloudy Traffic Forecast

The traffic report presented to the city council this week gave a partly cloudy forecast for Encinitas traffic. The forecast was based on very optimistic projections for I5 traffic flow in 2030. The city's consultant, who worked very closely with city staff, said that a lot of the city's traffic problems would be alleviated once "freeway avoidance" traffic (a.k.a cut-through) got back on the freeway and off our streets. They said that was going to happen by 2030 because the I5 expansion will be complete by then.

Turns out that there might not be any sun in our forecast. Two days after the city's administration tried to slide the traffic report past the public the North County Times reported on a study that SANDAG just released. From that article,

"On the coast, solo commute times would improve [in 2030]. The trip from Oceanside to downtown San Diego would shrink slightly, from 76 minutes to 70.

As for car-pool trips down I-5, those would improve significantly, from the current average of 69 minutes to 48 minutes, the plan states. The typical transit trip would go from 93 minutes to 77."

SANDAG'S 2030 Level of Service Projection

Folks, if San Diego's population continues to boom cut-through traffic is not going to vanish in our lifetime. Jerome Stocks must have know that there was an inconsistency between the city's traffic report and SANDAG's study. Stocks is on the council traffic study subcommittee and he sits on SANDAG.

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  1. Hey folks. What do yu expect. You don't do ANYTHING but whine and comlain. I usually don't like Dr. Lori's posts, but at least she has the cajone's to speak up. Even I don't have that courage. Of course, I also dont have friends in high places to bail me out like she does. No ofense Dr. Lori, good for you if you have them. Wnt to tell us how?

  2. Guess I'm just lucky.

  3. There are a lot of people who don't know what to do or even know that they can do something. Until JP's blog got going I didn't have a clue about half the root problems in Encinitas.

    JP's blog has also shown that we live in a very smart and active community. I think anon 321 has a very negative perspective. Much of this blog covers issues where people got up off the couch and did do something. Prop C is a great example. Other great examples of Leucadians DOING something are the Leucadia Art Walk and the farmer's market.

    Because JP is busy with work and wonderful life transitions he offered me the opportunity to contribute to this blog. I don't know what sorts of things I will cover yet but at least for now I will try to bring up some commentary posts about Leucadians who are out their doing something for the community.

    JP is not going away. It is just harder for him to consistently post.


  4. Great Post PB-

    You gave a well deserved spanking. Keep up the facts!

  5. PB
    No offense man but if yu didnt know half the problems of this community before this blog, the perhaps you should go to City Hall more. What did ypu do for Prop C anyway. This blog is a bunch of Leucadia whiners and complainers for the most part. Most of the posters don't even give a rats ass wht happens in the other parts of this community. however, since it is the Leucadia Blog I suppose that's the NIMBY mentality. To bad this blog does not pay a bit more attention to your brothers in other parts of the city. Might be more useful that way. On the other hand, most at city hall prefer it this way. To many people might actually get involved and that would definitely not be good for the,

  6. There sure are a lot of anonymous people whining about all the complainers on this blog.

    Kinda funny that almost all of the complaining on the blog comes from an ananomous poster who doesn't seem to like people paying attention to what is going on at city hall.

  7. Please don’t focus on City Hall. You'll find out what a bunch of lazy folks counting their way to retirement exists.

    If you keep it real, you will focus at City Hall. FIRE all the employees over 10 years. They are part of the problem. We need staff with fresh ideas to represent our resident’s best interest. Not bunches of dead wood with their out of date thoughts that will make us look like LA.

    Most of the department heads live in Carlsbad. ITS TIME FOR HEADS TO ROLE, until the staff can prove they are working for residents best interests.

    Otherwise fire most of City Hall leaders and start from people who actually care about Encinitas.

  8. Things will get worse not better!June 24, 2007 7:31 AM

    In 2030, the gridlock will still Exist at begining at Manchester and freeway avoidance traffic will continue to plague our City. What is the City going to do about this problems?

  9. The city was going to misinform the public and tell them that the city was turning the corner on traffic. This way they wouldn't be exposed for not doing anything and they could continue to upzone the city without having to take rath of an informed electorate.

  10. Throw them out of office if you don't like what they are doing. You can recall them. A recall effort needs about 2,500 signatures to call for an election. Quit complaining and take some action. Don't fall into Dr. Lorri's "lets all get arrested to make a point" mentaly. Start a recall.

  11. Good point last poster. That IS another example of passive resistance. Tell me who you think we should recall, put your name on the post and I will help. My suggetion is recall everyone but Teresa, and Maggie. Don't forget it takes a little money to recall as well, so one also has to put their money where their mouth is. I have spent appproximately $200.oo of my own money to get info I want from the CIty. I also went up against Charlie Marvin over our now illegal tatoo parlor in Cardiff. Yes, illegal because it was sold, Not part of the original deal. Yes, City Hall knows about it, as I have informed them.

    Passive resistance doesn't necessarily mean getting arrested. It means doing something non-violent and differnet from the norm. Sometimes that takes money. Another example, we paved our own alley behind us. We didn't ask the City, we just did it. Yes, it cost some bucks, but to my neighbors it was worth it. I recieved no value from it, as my garage is not in the back alley area. However, it was the right thing to do for my neigbors who do park there. They would probably be there if any of us needed somehting from them. For example we had a fire a few years ago, that ended up killing a woman inside. Long before the fire trucks rolled in, our neighbors had stared hosing down the roof, and rescued the dog. WE, unfortunately did not know that the woman was inside. The use of cell phones was NOT a good idea in this case becaus the call had to be routed the long way to our fire station 6 blocks away. One neighbor had alrady started walking up the hill to get their attention. I asked the fire department to let citizens know this. Don't know if it has happened.Another example if I need to go on, is watch some of the great pssive aggressive movies ie" Gandhi; Network; and of course Jesus Christ himself. Sure THEY did get killed, however there was certainly a BIG shakeup at "City Hall." We ask men and woman evry day to lay their lives down for this country. At least we can do is give them a reason for doing this. If it is only a small democratic change in our own City.

    Sorry to be so long winded. I am beginning to sound the Gil. However I am out of here for Africa to help with the Cheetahs, so this will be my last post for a while. I know we can all do it, if we stick together. And by that I dont mean just Leucadia (no offense). I mean everyone that cares about this City, including Cardiff, Old Enciitas, New Encinitas, Olevhein, and New Encinitas (where ever that is?) If we ALL pitch in with ideas, informimng citizens, money etc. WE CAN GET IT DONE. So, as someone wiser than I said, "get going, get moving and get it done." Imagine what kind of City we COULD have, not what we DO have.

    I have lived here 25 years and I was not raised with a siler spoon in my mouth. I was fortunate enough to buy my home in Cardiff for a small amount compared to today's prices. My children cannot afford to live here. That is infortunate. So good for all of the younger peole that are here. I applaud you, as you are often the type of new blood we need. Thanks to Kevin Kummins, and the rest who are much younger than I. I do have relatives and friends in "higer" governemental places, this is true. So what? Perhaps I ask them for advice once in a while. It is usually for the good of the City. I don't ask them to take time out of their schedules to come here and be the "enforcers."(no I am not related to the governor). That is our job.

    I will stop now. Anyone want to come "tag" a Cheetah is welcome. They are becoming extinct in Kenya. Now that IS sad.

    I love this City, as I know all of you rading this blog do. With all of us working together we can get what th majority of us want. it is not that much compared to the grand scheme of the world.

    Love and with deep respect,
    Dr. Lorri

  12. One more thing
    When I return I will give the first blogger $25.00, and my signature on an impeachment of Jerome Stocks, to name the muscian(s)and the name of the song, of these lyrcis.
    "What a long strange trip it's been"

    A long a winding road"

    We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden."

    "May your heart always be open , may your wishes all come true, may you have a firm foundation when the winds of changes hit. May you fill a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung. May you stay forever young."

    "So they told me, not to bother, with his meal of bread and water today. He is fasting till the killings over. He's a marter, he thinks he's a prophet, but he's a coward, he's just playing a game. He can't win it. It's been going on for 10,000 years."

    "How many roads must man walk down before they call him a man".

    "Diamonds on the souls of her shoes."

    "Let's impeach the president for lying."

    " This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Islands. From teh Redwood Forests to te Gulf Stream Waters, this land was made for YOU AND ME!" (This wss a protest song from an old folk singer, now dead. It protested the song God Bless America".

    Ahsante sana, as my Kenyan friends that speak Swahili would say.

  13. P.S. You can look on the Internet, but a true affectionato of protest songs would know these without doing it. My offer stands to anyone however. That includes you RSPB. In fact, if you prefer a bottle of Jack Daniels, or some god awful Kenyan drink, that can be arranged.In fact, I have a feeling you may know each of them already.

  14. This blog has always covered issues in other parts of the city. J.P. has been generous in allowing non-Leucadians to post original articles. All they have to do is write and submit them and make them good.

    Many of the problems in Leucadia are the same problems in other parts of the city. I know that in Cardiff the problems are often identical, such as upzoning, cut-through traffic, roundabouts, and sand replenishment.

    I walked the beach yesterday from Cardiff State Park to Swamis. There is much more new white clean sand. It has reached the bottom of the stairs at Swamis. There were many small clumps of kelp washed up on the beach. This is healthy. The kelp beds off Cardiff look healthier than they have in years.

    Save the kelp. And let's recall Jerome Stocks. I'll contribute $25 too.

  15. Calaware Member for changeJune 24, 2007 4:53 PM

    Besides a recall, another way we can get involved it to get Council to pass, or to petition and get on the ballot ourselves, sunshine laws.

    JP has a link, here, to Calaware: Check this out, as posted on the public forum, there, in answer to my questions under "open public meetings":

    Terry Francke
    Moderator Group

    General Counsel, CalAware

    Posted: June/13/2007 at 5:18pm

    There is no state law preventing the city from setting unreasonable and unfair deadlines for submission of appeal material, or from setting unreasonably high appeal fees. The practice of calling closed sessions on regular meeting days "special meetings" is contrary to the Brown Act, and there would be no basis for arresting you for disturbing the peace when you were simply addressing fellow citizens in the absence of the council. The chief or whoever took you into custody could probably be personally liable for damages if he followed through and you sued for a violation of your civil rights.

    But when we see such a complex of highhandedness and petty tyranny, typically the situation has become so bad that it's time to start talking about a sunshine ordinance. This approach gives citizens a chance to re-write the process rules of local government to give openness and public participation a chance. If the movement gets widespread support, a council may voluntarily adopt it. If not, the ordinance can be put on the ballot and voted in. It all depends on how many people the council is making unhappy.

    Posted: June/22/2007 at 7:11pm

    The city attorney can provide you with the specifics on getting a measure on the ballot - deadlines, number of signatures and other rules, but cannot offer your legal advice. Our attorney directory at
    lists seven lawyers who practice in the area of election and political law. If you conclude a sunshine ordinance ballot measure is possible, CalAware would be happy to provide resources on what the content might be.

  16. Got an editorial you wrote about Cariff, Olivehain or Encinitas? E-mail it to me at

    I hope my friend Pat Bauder will post at least once a week so I don't have to.

  17. JP, it would be helpful to have Pat Bauder "introduce" himself if he is going to be a "guest poster". I don't think most people know who he is.


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