Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Six roundabouts are proposed on Rancho Santa Fe Road

ENCINITAS -- A traffic plan headed to the City Council on Wednesday proposes stoplights, signals and roundabouts to relieve the congestion that clogs Rancho Santa Fe Road every work day.

"I've been a longtime proponent of getting Rancho Santa Fe Road fixed," Mayor James Bond said Monday. "It's broken right now."

The traffic study examines Rancho Santa Fe Road in the Olivenhain community and several other thoroughfares.

The study concludes that most roads can meet the demands future development will place upon them through 2030.

In addition to fixes for Rancho Santa Fe Road, the traffic plan calls for widening segments of Encinitas Boulevard. Freeway ramps also would require upgrades.

No action is scheduled for the meeting that will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday at 505 S. Vulcan Ave.

Read the rest of Adam Kaye's NCT.com story:

Traffic plan heads to Encinitas council

In addition to Rancho Santa Fe Road, the city is considering roundabout controls at freeway interchanges, the report states.

Some of the city's busiest roads should be widened, the report states. The roads include:

# El Camino Real, six lanes from Encinitas Boulevard to Manchester Avenue.

# Manchester Avenue, six lanes from El Camino Real to Interstate 5.

# Encinitas Boulevard, eight lanes from Interstate 5 to Saxony Road.

# Encinitas Boulevard, six lanes from Saxony Road to Balour Drive.

# Encinitas Boulevard, six lanes from Via Cantebria to El Camino Real.

# Encinitas Boulevard, six lanes from El Camino Real to Village Square.

# Olivenhain Road, six lanes from El Camino Real to Amargosa Street.

# Olivenhain Road, six lanes from Amargosa to Rancho Santa Fe Road.

# La Costa Avenue, four lanes from Interstate 5 to North Coast Highway 101.

The city in 2003 commissioned Santa Ana-based Austin-Fourst Associates Inc. to prepare the study. Many of the traffic counts it contains were taken that year. To date, the city has paid $132,154 for the document.

Does this city have roundabout fever or what?


  1. Roadside Park BumJune 19, 2007 11:20 AM

    Hey James Bond- I've been a longtime proponent of getting Leucadia fixed, it's broken right now. But you choose to put all our eggs in one basket, the LIBRARY!!! How many months behind schedule is that project and how many millions over budget??

    Why don't you fix Leucadia??
    Why don't you clean-up Leucadia??
    Why don't you put in a safe access to Beacons Beach??
    Why don't you slow the traffic on 101??
    Why don't you put an end to the straight pipe motorcycles that pollute 101 with outlandish noise??
    Why don't you bury the train??
    Why don't you pave the streets and alleyways of Leucadia??

    Want me to go on??? OK, I will.

    Don't tell me or anyone else that these things aren't broken, fix LEUCADIA first!!!

    Bum, RoadsideParkBum!!!

  2. Bravo... RSPB

  3. I'll take a roundabout over a traffic signal any day!- roundabouts are much prettier, safer, efficient and better for the environment.


  5. Great Comments in NCTJune 19, 2007 11:54 AM

    Bruce wrote on Jun 19, 2007 6:55 AM:

    " The former Encinitas Mayor Christy Guerin shoved four extra stop signs onto Rancho Santa Fe Road to clog traffic up to the point that drivers would consciously avoid that route, thus enabling Olivenhain to force traffic into suburban neighborhoods so they could perservere in their illusion that they are a 'rural' community. Kudos to the City Council if they can finally clear unnecessary traffic sludge from that thoroughfare and stand up to the choir-like snivelling of the self-entitled of Olivenhain. "

    Retarded Planners wrote on Jun 19, 2007 7:14 AM:

    " Widening Olivenhain to 6 lanes will only increase the amount of cut through traffic all of Encinitas is experiencing from Carlsbad. I think City staff is using the same broken model that developed all of LA and Orange County circulation elements. I don't like what they did and I think we should do the opposite. Stupid is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. "

    blue skys wrote on Jun 19, 2007 7:28 AM:

    " "The study concludes that most roads can meet the demands future development will place upon them through 2030." Are they crazy? The roads are already overtaxed in too many places. "

    Josh wrote on Jun 19, 2007 7:36 AM:

    " No no no no no no no no! Why the hell do they think they need to pave over every last bit of land? Traffic isn't *that* bad, and gigantic thoroughfares are only going to encourage people to drive *more*. Improve public transit instead of catering to the selfish gas guzzlers! And who are Austin Fourst Associates anyway? Google doesn't turn up a thing. "

    Why? wrote on Jun 19, 2007 7:37 AM:

    " Why should Encinitas make Olivenhain 6 lanes to accommodate all of Carlsbad's box home commuters, when Carlsbad is planning on reducing La Costa Avenue to a 2 lane roadway Between El Camino Real and Rancho Santa Fe? Let Carlsbad’s new box home commutes crawl to the freeway on Carlsbad local streets, not on Encinitas local roadways. The cut through commuter traffic is the only real problem Encinitas need to address, but Staff and Council can not seem to understand the real issues. "

    lifer wrote on Jun 19, 2007 8:25 AM:

    " Wake up time folks! THIS is the traffic study that all your present and future traffic control requests will be weighed against. It's been a long time coming (4 years!) Might be a good idea to go down to city hall Wednesday and hear what it's about. "

  6. Roadside park bumJune 19, 2007 2:47 PM

    Hey James Bond- How is it that you've gotten elected some many times??? I mean really now what is it that you have offered Encinitas that they can't find somewhere else!!!

    I used to see those billboard size signs of your telling me "Encinitas Needs James Bond" and I used to wonder.... WHY?? And why is it that no one ever asked that question???

    So I'm asking it now Jimmyboy!!!! Why??? Why does Encinitas need you??? What is it that you have to offer Encinitas??? Every now and then you let loose with a wild statement about eating elephants or being a long time proponent of some wildhair up-your-ass idea!! As I recall wasn't it you that said we are like a growing teenager and that's why we have F Street in Leucadia!!! Where the FUCK does all that shit come from?? What I'd give to be a fly on the wall of your kitchen to really see what goes on in the Bond household.

    James Bond, my old dog had more brains that you do, at least he knew not to bark unless there was something to bark about. You let fly with the MOST INANE THOUGHTS to which a bum can possibly listen!! You make me want to drink again.

    Staggering down the 101 with the most awful headache caused by a council person that just doesn't have a clue( and he's not the only one), it's your RSPB!!!

  7. residents have no sayJune 19, 2007 3:54 PM

    " The traffic circulation element partial update wasn't written to relieve traffic congestion created by city residents. It is to accommodate MORE TRAFFIC FROM OUTSIDE ENCINITAS. The city is already built out.

    The document also creates more road classifications that will give the city the right to name more streets as "relievers" when the arterials are clogged with outside traffic.

    Unless your house is on a cul-de-sac all streets in Encinitas could fall under the new classifications with additional traffic. "

  8. I still like Dr. Lori's idea about passive something I think she said resistance). When they start to dvelop the streets let's all just stand there and not move. It will stall them, or we will all get arrested. Maybe then we can have some real journalism. They do like pictures of radicals and people like that. We are just not newsworthy and going to the council meeting isn't going to make us newsworthy. I say let's do it. How about it folks. It is worth a try. Mabye we can convince Dr. Lori to lead it if she thinks it is a worthy cause as she said in a previous post.

  9. Roadside park bumJune 19, 2007 4:41 PM

    anonymous 4:35 - How 'bout voting the bastards out of office!!! Think that will work or is that too passive for you????

  10. I don't think that a study that is already four years old is going to be accurate. The consultant was simply told to devise what appears on paper to be "traffic calming solutions," so that more development, at higher density can be justified.

    There has not been a study of our existing roundabout, yet we are planning many more. The Leucadia Blvd. roundabouts will be a good indication of whether this is going to actually work, or not.

    I agree with the poster that suggests roundabouts are all smoke and mirrors, designed to enrich the contractors and developers. If they do actually calm any traffic, I will be amazed. We'll see. one thing, people in Leucadia were sold a "bale of goods" when we were promised a sidewalk with the roundabouts. The sidewalks on Leucadia Blvd. are put off until the third roundabout is built, in the "second phase." That may never happen, especially if the roundabouts prove to cause more problems than they solve.

    I also agree with RSPB on this one. James Bond HAS GOT TO GO!

  11. I hope the City replace most of the traffic signals with Roundabouts. Talk about an improvement.

    The roundabout fever can wipe out the traffic signal plague that is killing our City.

  12. Jim Bond may have to go but what do we do in the meantime? He is likely to run again as he is also on the San Dieguito Water Board and cannot be unless he is an elected official. If anyone thinks that he is willing to give up that position, think again. I still say the only wa to get media attention NOW is to do something NOW. If you don't like passive resistance, think of something else that can happen befor reeletion time. Or shut the F up!

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  14. I think a figure 8 about would slow traffic even more.

  15. Roadside Park BumJune 20, 2007 7:48 AM


    Sell your T-Shirts some where else!!

  16. anyone want to buy a Hummer?

  17. HUMMER?hmmmmmmm

  18. Anybody have a link to the traffic plan? Is it on the City website?


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