Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waste Land

A certain segment of visitors to this blog are under the mistaken belief that the motto Keep Leucadia Funky means Keep Leucadia Junky. This is so off the mark that it is laughable. What the anti-Leucadia crowd doesn't understand is that you could sink $100 million dollars into Leucadia and it won't matter as long as the NCTD continues it's scorched earth policy.

NCTD's contribution to Leucadia is dust, weeds, noise and ugly orange sandbags.

Leucadia Blog: Orange Sandbags? Gee, thanks.

Leucadia Blog: Coastal Leucadia, their Highway or our Mainstreet?

Leucadia Blog: what folly!!


  1. JP you are so right. The ironic thing is that our mayor pro-tem is chairman of the NCTD Board and does nothing for his city. His allegiance's are certainly not in Encinitas. I have always wondered why there isn't a nice asphalt bike trail paralleling the highway through leucadia. It would be so simple and there is plenty of room to do it.

    I hope everyone realizes when Stocks is up reelection how much he favors his NCTD position over the citizens of Encinitas.

  2. I hope James Bond doesn't run again. His time to step down has come.

    I wish we had term limits. Jerome Stocks will probably run again. Most people who read or post on this blog will not be voting for him, I suspect.

    What can we do about NCTD? Solana Beach, a city smaller than we are, was able to work with them. We haven't, and it's a shame.

  3. Councilman Joe Killijian, who was mayor of Solana Beach at the time, as well as a NCTD board member, has mad people skills, is educated, charming, nice, and very well connected. Jerome Stocks can't claim any of those attributes.

  4. L 101 and L town council should be up at the NCTD advocating for a major renovation of their space especially since they are getting ready to fence and double track.

    We painted their bridge maybe they will return the favor and landscape their right of way instead of blighting leucadia.

  5. There is always Dr. Lorri's suggestion of passive resistance. Let's use some of the tools from Gandhi and Martin L. King and get what WE want for a change.

  6. There is always Dr. Lorri's suggestion of passive resistance. Let's use some of the tools from Gandhi and Martin L. King and get what WE want for a change.

  7. This is a cause I could really get behind. That side of my house, although a block away, is constantly coated in dust. It does not have to look so barren out there. I love it when cantalopes have been growing.
    When is the bike trail going to be constructed? What can we do?

  8. i know lets get dr lorri to lead a candle light vigil on the tracks. They will listen when we have several people run over by the train.

  9. Obviously, we are not going to step on the train tracks and get klled! There are other ways to do passive resistance. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. How did Gandhi manage to do what he did? Or Martin Luther King? Anybody have a better idea? You want media attention these days you have to earn it. Therefore, you have to do something that requires them to pay attention. For example, when the bulldozers begin on a piece of land that is going to build too many homes, step in front of it. Call the papers before you do it. Not one person, but a lot of people! They WILL NOT run you over. You WILL probably get arrested, and right behind you will be the U.T. and NC Times, if not more. As my friend Peter Stoky ( Peter , Paul and Mary) once said "if you been to jail for justice then you're a friend of mine." Everone has to figure out what that means to them. I will be there if I think it is a good cause. I have done it many times in my life, and will continue to do it. If one is not willing to do someting about what they believe in, then perhaps they should come up with another idea except complaining about the problem.

  10. former urban plannerJune 15, 2007 1:53 PM

    why don't you guys make some cardboard or plywood cut-out trees and shrubs, along with some protest signs educating everyone that NCTD is letting this area go un-landscaped? Then call the local TV stations to let them know your "protest" will be up - they love these off-beat kind of stories. It might shame NCTD and your council into doing something. Thank goodness you have the eucalyptus trees or that stretch of 101 would really look sad.

  11. Maybe some sign boards for the coaster riders to read. That wouldn't make them happy.

  12. Why don't we start a letter writing campaign before we ratchet it up? That can happen after we get "rejected". There is some chance that NCTD really is not aware of our needs...I know, small chance, but I know that I have not written a letter to anyone on the subject - have you?

  13. Bury the Damn Railroad Stupids !!June 21, 2007 3:30 PM

    The Railroad Crossing at Leucadia Blvd needs to be buried. We all know that. When I called the city of E. about flooding they said they will fix it when the tracks are lowered. I asked when - they said at least a dozen years. It's disgusting how Leucadian's are screwed by this Council.

    I was also told by the City of E. that since a fence by the tracks could not be accepted by Leucadia residents, that no coastal trail will be built. Over a single fence??? Can't people cross at the new underpasses come?

    Does anybody know anything of this????

    Thanks. I don't always agree with you JP like your local cultish followers, but I thank you for your dedication to the community. Leucadia "junkyness" is not all NCTD's fault. I just think everything is going to happen when my kids are parents.


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