Saturday, July 07, 2007

Area Man wishes Encinitas had a smoking ban

Man Pleads Guilty To North County Burglaries

An ex-convict who pleaded guilty to burglary after DNA evidence found on cigarette butts linked him to two North County break-ins was sentenced Thursday to four years in state prison.

Mark Stephen Rochambeau, 45, was arrested Feb. 20 on suspicion of burglarizing the "It's a Love Thing" boutique on Coast Highway in Encinitas last Dec. 1, and a San Marcos home on San Pablo Drive about 10 days later.

Sheriff's detectives testified at a preliminary hearing in April that they found cigarette butts at both locations that had the defendant's DNA.

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  1. Thanks to Stocks, Bond and Dalager, this man is goin down.

  2. Mark's a really nice guy.
    That's probably why he didn't go down for life.
    I hope he changes careers when he gets out.
    For his sake & ours.

  3. Had he been an illegal alien he would have been released and given an apology for his inconvience.

  4. Mark is too stupid for the business. He better try Burger King.

  5. maybe he and dalager could go into somekind of business together.

  6. I'll bet Mark has been the butt of a lot of jokes at jail.


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