Thursday, July 26, 2007


Attention Surfers, you may have noticed that we installed these cute crossing signs of you jaunty surfers. This was for the tourist delight only. You are not allowed to cross the highway or train tracks. We do not encourage transportation by foot. You will be ticketed for jaywalking. Yes, we made major road and sidewalk improvements to Santa Fe Dr but that doesn't mean we want you to continue on foot to Swami's. If you live in the neighborhood and want to surf Swami's you need to get in your car and go to Chesterfield (please enjoy the new statue while there) or drive to E St. Don't worry, gas is cheap and parking is plentiful.

We currently have deployed 500 Coaster Cops to ticket you for crossing the train tracks. We will use this money to help pay for the $120,000 surfer statue.

That is all for now.


your friends,


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  1. This is a sham mockery. Build pedestrian crossing ASAP.


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