Monday, July 23, 2007



Guest Editorial by The Thought Police

Attention citizens of Leucadia, Cardiff, Encinitas and Olivenhain, we are here to assure you that everything is fine. The current state of social order is calm and civil. Your tax dollars are being handled with supreme fiscal responsibility. There is no need to worry. We assure you that the city council and staff are well equipped to manage the daily needs of our beautiful city. The Hall Park property is on time and on budget. The library is on time and on budget. The city infrastructure is sound and functioning . The roads are safe and in perfect condition. Traffic flows smoothly on all street, roads, highways and freeways. We have zero pollution and zero crime. We have rezoned the empty lot next to your house for your benefit. You are happy and calm. You no longer feel the need to read newspapers or blogs. If any of your friends, family or neighbors show signs of unhappiness or dissent please alert the proper authorities at once for their own safety and benefit.

Thank you and have a nice day,

your friends,



  1. this sucks ass.

  2. We highly advise you to retract that comment. We are watching you. You don't want this emotional outburst to go down on your permanent record.

  3. Can I say I like young bare chested fairy like surfing statues?

  4. Can I say I love the Fairy Mary and I hope she gets the shiny croutch she deserves?

  5. It is redundant to state that you enjoy viewing the statue. You DO enjoy the statue. For those of you who have questions in your head, please do not be alarmed. Report to the nearest medical facility and fill out form ADD01. You will be prescribed the blue pill. If this does not help stop the questions in your head you may be sent to statue re-education camp. At this time please log off and move along.

  6. Fairies invade.July 23, 2007 10:55 PM

    Just watch shawn styles (whatever) on channel eight.

    Totaly weak. Next Cardiff is going to pay for a statue of a board hitting some dweeb in the head.

    Give me a break. Fairies have taken over Cardiff. The day labors are running back across the board for their lives. God help up.

  7. I'm glad things are finally fine in Encinitas! I guess we can all stop volunteering now to patch things up. BTW, War is Peace; and 2 n 2 r 5. Thank you thought police! Anybody know where I can get one of those cool new Telescreens er eh touch screens with the built in cam?

  8. life is so good if you live in Encinitas, really!

  9. If the biggest issue in the City is that a few people don't like how the hands look on a block of granite, I would tend to think that things must be pretty good overall.

  10. Life is good. Don't think about the hundred million dollars debt we have. It won't do any good to complain because the council won't let us vote anyway.

    Upzoning, overcrowding, traffic jams, high density housing in Encinitas, yes, everything is good.

  11. The city should have adopted a 'no growth' policy the day after I moved to Encinitas. All the problems of the city have been caused by every one that came after me. This is a TRAVESTY!

  12. anon 9:24 makes the most shallow statement ever written.

  13. To all of you complainers out there, you were given a chance to speak at the ballot box. Any further comments or negative snipes should be treated as sedition.

  14. ballot box


    oh, that's a funny one

  15. I think our elected officials have solved the flooding problem in Leucadia.

    I am a very happy homeowner. I never knew I had riverfrontage until the rains started.

  16. Jack Pemsky on HygeiaJuly 24, 2007 12:49 PM

    The city should have adopted a 'no growth' policy the day after I moved to Encinitas. All the problems of the city have been caused by every one that came after me. This is a TRAVESTY!

    This post is really funny. So much Truth to this post though. This is REALLY how people are thinking when it comes to new development in Encinitas.

    THERE ARE SO MANY ANTI-GROWTH, ANTI-ANYTHING Folks here in Encinitas but have they ever thought that there home was once a development too? What about when it was all Avocado Groves and suddenly some homes on 1/2 acre lots went in - WHAT A DISASTER! Nothing has changed from then to now - except the scale. Then there are people here that think Mobile Home Parks are charming. I really think those folks need to get their head examined.

  17. Dear Riverfrontage,
    Before you bought your home in the river, did you and your realtor not evaluate whether the river would be traveling through your house when it started to sprinkle or not? Many of those lots along 101 were designed as flood areas not to be developed on by the County many years ago. Why should the City spend my taxpayer money to solve a problem that was only created when someone developed in an area that should not have been developed. Sorry but buyer beware.

  18. Wow. Jack you are complaining about the mobile home parks! Sounds like you are whining about how much Dalager, Stocks, Bonds, Houlihan, and Barth are studying ways to save the mobile home parks. You should have voted against them. It also sounds like you are complaining and whining about people that think there should be some reason applied to planning our future.

    What do you propose Jack? Sit back and watch Encinitas turn into Rio de Janeiro? Sit back and watch it go broke like the city of San Diego? Jack what is YOUR PLAN? All you did was whine and attack.

    Maybe the avocado grooves turning into half acre residents was bad or maybe it was good. Does it matter now? That decision was made long ago.

    Did the people that live in those houses now have anything to do with that decision? You seem to think not as you seem to think all those people moved here AFTER so they are not hypocrites. Many are from LA where they saw what happens when developers get their men on city councils. They know that more density can be bad.

    Your wierd and twisted logic would apply if those people had some role in deciding to upzone the avocado their farms to residential AND then they decided no more. There are many place in california that I DONT LIVE TODAY and would love to live there, because it is not as crowded and there is a small town feel. I sure hope they don't upzone and make more room for everyone that wants to get there, because if they do that then everyone gets screwed because the small town is gone.

    Planning decisions should be based on planning, not on some twisted logic that because someone upzoned once a longtime ago that now we should forever upzone because it would be hypocritical to say no. Most people realize that Encinitas at the density and character of 25 years ago was 100x better than today. Today's density and character is 100x better than it would be if we upzoned like they are doing in oceanside by the pier.

    Please tell your spin team that is making up this PR and all your Barratt, Ecke, the chamber of commerce front group, and David Meyer friends that they better come up with a better reason to AVOID REAL PLANNING FOR OUR FUTURE. The residents of Encinitas don't like to be called outsiders.

  19. Only 5 months until Christmas Eve, have you started your shopping yet???

  20. Buteo:

    If it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought. ~Dennis Roth

    You put me to sleep. Thanks.

  21. Jack on HygeiaJuly 24, 2007 3:27 PM


    Encinitas 25 years ago? That's what you want?

    Fine. You are entitled to your little pipe dream.

    The fact remains - the Real Money is moving into Encinitas / Leucadia and they are forcing change whether you think it is good or bad.

    A lot of the whiners here have no money and thus will be the first to be pushed out of this COASTAL Community.

    Zoning over time (ESPECIALLY BY THE OCEAN) keeps increasing in Density. This is a trend that cannot be stopped. 1 house with large lot that is a tear down for 6 townhomes - YEAH - that is a good project. It's not highrises like Rio (which is a beautiful city).

    The "KEEP IT FUNKY" crowd will slowly dissolve into the eastern suburbs as the new Rich Class move in and influence government decisions.

    Yes - MOBILE HOME PARKS should and WILL all be torn down and townhomes put in their place.

    Take care.

  22. Jack,

    You didn't say what your plan was. How dense? How many more cars? How many more thirst people? How many more kooks that think surfers do ballet when they first learn to surf?

    Buyer beware guy,

    Beware of moving into a city filled with LA transplants who already saw one city go to crap because of overcrowding. These people are rich. They thought that a million dollar bungalow was a steal compared to LA prices and they invested in a town that wasn't as overdeveloped as the place they escaped from. They don't want encinitas to go to crap too.

  23. For Jack on Hygeia,
    Believe it or not, most of the stakeholders on N. 101 are stubborn as hell, quite comfortable and love it here. Who doesn't? They're not selling out to developers so that they can live in a "nicer" community elsewhere, as a few obviously have (i.e. the amazingly lack luster plans for the former 101 Artist's colony location that was on A St. A project that will congest another focal point in our city if it gets completed). One restaurant owner here I know was recently offered 8.3 million for his acreage (to build, you guessed it, three story condos with offices below) But he turned down the offer in lieu of the real benefits he provides to the community. An automotive related service shop owner here was offered 3 million for his small lot. Didn't want to sell. Developers have always haunted Leucadia. To live here is to be constantly apporached by them. But lately phony money is catching up and the dominos are already falling in San Diego Co. One developer just walked away from a 50 million deposit on a huge housing tract they had planned for Escondido. Time will tell. Sure, money coming to the area means change, but change is within the scope of our Specific Plan that was written by Leucadians. And IF our Specific Plan is honored it helps us retain what we like about Leucadia. Meanwhile Jack you can be the rain and we'll be the parade. Enjoy Hygeia St while you can. And long live our cool mobile parks!

  24. bwahahaahah!!!! Escondildo ain't Encinitas!

    bwhahaahhaahaaha. Jack is a realist. That's unusal on this crazy blog.

  25. anon 6:44, you complain about the artist loft project but show faith in the Specific Plan. Dilweed, the artist loft project was developed according to the zoning and requirements in the Specific Plan.

    Downtown is changing and I'm not one to complain about it. The majority of Leucadia along the west side of 101 needs to be scraped by bulldozers. Talk about an eyesore between Carlsbad and downtown Encinitas.

    Leucadia is funky? More like F#@cked up.....

  26. Some of the biggest supporters of lower density are LA surfers who have moved here in the last 5-7 years.

  27. anon 7:14 PM

    Leucadia has four major issues keeping it from its full potential.


    Freeway avoidance traffic

    Leucadia Blvd/101/vulcan intersection

    Two politically connected, shady and egotistical developers looking to start a redevelopment district and conquer Leucadia.



    That is all. Move along.

  29. too = to, junior college 'thought police' poster. It's not the infrastructure that's ugly in Leucadia. It's the area. Sorry, but your idea of 'community character' is my idea of blight.

    Gentrification....come on down! {insert Price is Right music here}

  30. To:
    Anonymous July 24, 2007 12:14 PM

    I assume you are not sincere.
    It is not true that the city has solved the flood problems in Leucadia. They have made improvements and are requiring water holding tanks in new developments in the north area. The city is holding up on streetscape improvements in the north area because the flood problem solution, as the city officially, will cost $35mil., according to paid consultants.

    There are those that believe the 'fix' could be implamented for far less. It seems to cost more to dig a trench here.

    At this point, the city is just keeping it from raining.


  32. just a thoughtJuly 24, 2007 9:04 PM

    The way you define blight is irrelevant, it is the way the state defines blight and Leucadia does not meet those conditions. If you were informed you would know that the Leucadia streetscape program is going to begin soon. Major improvements are on the way.

  33. Not to solve the flod problem.

  34. If you attended any of the RDA workshops you would know that the city was very nervous about using flooding as an excuse for blight because the city is largely responsible for making the flooding worse. Those who were there may remember the classic line, "We don't want to talk flooding tonight."

    I know a lot of people don't agree, but I have faith that the hiring of Peder Norby as 101 Head Honcho is going to bring good things to Leucadia. Leucadia is on the cusp of a turnaround without the government welfare program known as Redevelopment.

  35. The blog's back.

  36. How does it feel to have your free speech taken away for two days? Hmmm?


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