Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Encinitas considering webcasting meetings

Encinitas considering webcasting meetings


  1. THE MOST INTERESTING thing on the Agenda Tonight is the WARRANTS LIST. Go take a look on City Web page.


    My god, it’s so obvious where the term “sucking the government tit” comes from. What a bunch of Ticks! Or welfare pigs!!!, I’m not sure which is worse!!!

    Look at all that tax dollars being pissed out the door. My Favorite:

    $135,000 on the Pers retirement premium for the fire department alone. Are you kidding me? How many premiums do they pay a year? Are they monthly payments? WOW!

    Next favorite is all the welfare being given out on rental assistance. I am talking big money. Many over $1,000 each. What a bunch of freeloaders!

    What’s your favorite public expenditure?

  2. anon 4:21, my favorite public expenditure is your mom.

  3. Looks like some of the so called ticks or welfare receiptants read the blog...

  4. ..."your mom"....?!!!?

    You gotta be kiddin'.

    ..."your mom".

  5. Anon 5:51 must be a public tick. Too stupid to do anything else and can't even think of a joke or insult that makes sense. What a loser. Maybe they do need workfare?

  6. Very few people at tonight's Council Meeting.

    Lisa Shaffer, who had a good letter to the editor in today's NCT was third speaker for oral communications. She was okay, and maybe she's still bucking for a commission position? She seems well informed.

    The third speaker wants Council to pass a resolution which would be against what the people voted for re Prop C. She wants stormdrain fees and taxes to be exempt from Prop 218, the state constitutional requirement that property owners can vote on their taxes and property related fees. Right now, water and sewer taxes are exempt. They increase, drastically, as a consequence.

    Adding separate "funds," like the stormdrain fund, is just a sneaky way to shift more money in the General Fund to operating expenses, such as PERS benefit increases, and more money to capital expenditures such as the over-priced, under bid library, and outdated, traffic circulation studies outsourced to expensive, ineffective consultants.

    Webcasting sounds good. Funny u-tube stuff, JP.

    I agree about the warrant's list. Just ignore the "your mama" flamer, anon. Some "moles" can't take any crticism of their precious Council, fire dept. & police dept.

    Lifeguards are cool, though.


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