Monday, July 16, 2007

Frank and to the point

MainStreet Mornings, Tomorrow! 8:00am at Encinitas Television Featuring: Tom Frank, P.E. & ReCon Recyling

Tom Frank is a licensed professional engineer , with an MBA, who has been focusing on municipal engineering for over 20 years. Most importantly though, he is an Encinitan who is is raising his family here, and is committed to helping make Encinitas a better place. Mr. Frank is also the Chair of the Traffic Commission in Encinitas.

Mr. Frank will speaking about the delicate balance between traffic, business, and the MainStreet character, and will provide updates about the Leucadia 101 streescape project. He will also discuss the impact the Leucadia 101 streetscape will have on Downtown Encinitas specifically, and the impact on Encinitas overall.

There will also be a brief presentation by ReCon Recycling about a recycling service they have recently started in Encinitas.

MainStreet Mornings
Tuesday, July 17, 8:00am
Encinitas Television
1140 South Coast Highway 101


  1. Tom is an asset to our community.
    He is very well informed and is offering his expertise for his community.
    Find out what is going on and attend this meeting.

    Oh shit, that was this morning.
    I missed it.
    Well, the first part is true.

  2. I think Tom should run for Mayor... Hell he can fix anything.

  3. Can he fix my lawnmower? The Dalager's are gone now...

  4. I saw Tom in the Leucadian last weekend, and boy was he wasted, I didn't know that you could be that drunk and still stand!

  5. Hey you can’t fault a guy like that; at least you know he's not a quitter!!!

  6. Frank for MayorJuly 19, 2007 1:13 PM

    anon 12:36
    He sure can and probably fix you a drink at the same time.

  7. Frank drinks? Then he will fit right in with Stocks and Bonds.

  8. is water wet?

  9. Give the guy a break there are worst things than staggering around your neighborhood taverns in the wee hours blind drunk and speaking in tongues.


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