Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MMMMmmmmmm, Doooonuts!


  1. I never eat donuts but if I did I would visit Leucadia donuts every morning.

  2. Sorry, off subject.

    See: Comments on 'Cardiff Contender Sculpture' post concerning forming a committee to create a public work of art for Leucadia Roadside Park.

  3. I almost never eat donuts but it's really fun to go in there.

  4. I like VG's ... I can enjoy a glazed work of art while I get a view of my favorite surf sculpture.

    Makes for a perfect morning.

  5. The gardener sculpture across from VG's is a much more inspiring piece or art.

  6. The garden statue is very cool. Props to those that worked to make that happen. It is also cool that citizens donate their time to make that area very appealing.
    Is it possible that we could do that in Leucadia? Would anyone come to offer their time to do that in Leucadia? Cardiff has volunteers that tend the garden on Saturday mornings.
    We could make the land by the Leucadia entry sign look more inviting if we wanted to.
    Anybody interested?


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