Monday, July 16, 2007

The Sum of all Fears

Stealth camera phone photo of the new Cardiff Surfer sculpture taken today. It's worse than we feared. If you surf you know why. More blog post on this to follow...


  1. Cowaboondoggle

  2. remove the kookJuly 17, 2007 6:24 AM

    That looks like something Carlsbad would buy. They should try to sell it to them.

  3. will you wax my stick?July 17, 2007 6:25 AM

    Holly Crap-

    Is that weenerboard from Hillcrest or What?

    Put up a statue of a gay beginning surfer. That will get alot of international press for Encinitas.


    I am not flaming homos (no pun intended). I just think it’s a shame the statue could have shown a surfer will some true talent in his stance. Disappointing.

    The unknown is always the flip side of "Art". Sometimes you like what you end up with, sometimes you don't. I hope I like the next public art piece in Encinitas.

  4. Eddie would laugh.

  5. Wilbur KookmeyerJuly 17, 2007 6:31 AM

    Cardiff groms are going to have fun with that thing. Let the alterations begin.

  6. He'd be more fitting in speedos.

  7. He'd be more fitting in Carlsbad!

  8. That has to be a Cardiff Joke. They wouldn't do that to us.

    A kook running his board on the rocks. Nice!

    I can not waite to see the real statue with Cardiff class!

  9. This is pathetic. And, as usual, is this a local? No, the "artist" is from Hemet, but claims he surfs here. Now there is talk of putting "art" in the Leucadia roundabouts. After seeing this latest project, I'm scared. Very scared. Why can't we have cool stuff, like Solana Beach or even Escondido, for cryin' out loud.

    I agree. Let the alterations begin.

  10. The artist is not from Hemet,he's from West Hollywood.

  11. I heard that they are going to put a statue of Timothy Leary in one of the new round abouts in Leucadia.

  12. where is Hemet?

  13. Classic.

    You guys are bummed.

  14. Roadside Park BumJuly 17, 2007 9:17 AM

    This is a example of why we need to say "NO" to public art!!! How long will it take for the artist to decide it needs to be removed. Not long I imagine, doubtful he'll want to be know as the "Gay Surfer" Sculpture Artist!!

    Why does the city need permission from the artist to remove "Art Garbage". Yet can remove litter in the streets without recourse!!!

    I don't advocate violence against anyone nor anything, but if you Cardiff locals don't wrap a chain around this nightmare and pull it to the ground, then you deserve the laughter and scorn that is heaped upon the Cardiff surf community!!

    Who paid for this "ART"?
    Who decided this was acceptable to Cardiff??
    Which idiot at the city OK'D this "ART"??
    IS this what you are paying 100+K for a city art commissioner??

    Once again asking the hard questions, it's the ARTFUL, RSPB!!

  15. Ex-City Manager!!July 17, 2007 9:34 AM

    I don't check this blog for months and when I do this is what I find. Jeez, you people make me sooo happy to be gone. All I can say is ....Hahahahahahahahahah, heheheheheh, hohohohohohohohho,ooooooooowwwwoowoow. What a bunch of shlubs !!!
    Now you have Mary the Surfer on display. Hahahahahahahahh.

    Ex-City Manager

  16. Is the statue a figurine of the City's paid Art Director learning to surf?

  17. Fame! I wanna live for ever...July 17, 2007 11:13 AM

    Ok, so the concept is good, but whats with the Barishnaball’s fairy hands? This is so lame. FAME! I wanna live forever! I want to learn how to fly-HIGH!

    I am half tempted to put some lee press on nails on on her hands, lay down a wig on the shaun cassidy ultimate banana comb feather doo and strap on a tu-tu. Good Grief.

    Twinkle toes hangs “one”…as he takes “one” up the ass.

  18. I guess homophobia and anti gay hate speech is funny these days. Seems some of the "adults" on this blog have yet to evolve beyong Jr. High School.

  19. Bob-

    Cool down about the phobias... I dont think there is any hate here except Hating that statue.

    The main phobia here is about crappy surf stylephobia. I don't think many folks give a crap about if a surfer is gay or not. Its more about if their style is fairylike or real.

    That statue definitely falls in fairy land.

    That statue is so "gay" it’s beyond learning stance.... it’s in the FAME category.

    Maybe the Encinitas “Gay” population will embrace it?..... but I doubt if the gay surfers would like that joke?... lets see which surfer has the “balls?” to say they like it!

  20. They must of made two statues.... I think this is the one that was suppose to go to Laguna Beach..

  21. the picture must be phony. no one would believe that represents anyone surfing in Cardiff. my understanding is that the whole project was funded by donation.

  22. Donations for the statue, $60,000, and city money of $32,000 for the installation. Congrats, all the residents of Encinitas are the proud owners of the surfer statue.

    Who will be the first of the city council to have their photo taken beside it?

    In the past Jim Bond gave a proclaimation for the founder of scientology. Let's have Jim Bond be first in line.

  23. Poor Cardiff... I'm glad thats not in Leucadia.

    We have enough diversity.

  24. the council donated the space and did vote for some small amount of public funds for the site.

    Jerome Stock and Dan Dalager no longer deserve to claim to be surfers, just to get the surfer vote.

    Dan Dalager loves this statue and said so in public and on TV.

  25. worse than barsJuly 17, 2007 4:17 PM

    Who wants to purchase a "remove the kook" bumper sticker?

  26. Thay fellas, pleeth stop the bathing of thif art.

  27. I got a chance to see it as it was being installed. It looks a lot better than the shadowy black and white. I liked it!

  28. OooooKay Mr. Anonymous. Were you on your way to ride the breakers?

  29. Roadside Park BumJuly 17, 2007 5:30 PM

    Once again those that scream for tolerance, are the most intolerant of all!!! Attempting to limit the opinions of others with their whiny crybaby accusations of homophobia.

    What we are doing is discussing public art, some find it good others bad. ( Clearly this is bad public art!) But attempting to limit this discussion by calling posters gay bashers only shows your own anti-freedom of expression bias!!

    Is this gay art? Is this surf art?? How would I know?? How would anyone know?? How would you know?? I'm sure that EVERY surfer has positioned him or herself on a board as shown in this sculpture at least briefly, perhaps just a microsecond. But I wouldn't know I don't surf.

    Homosexuals are everywhere, and yes there are homosexuals surfers. Who cares!?!? What does it have to do with the fact this is BAD art!! Gay or not this is BAD art!!

    Gay used to mean happy, jolly, hell I even had a Mrs Gay as a teacher. Then "Gay" was hijacked to promote a lifestyle. Please tell us what this lifestyle has to do with BAD public art?? And while your at it, tell us why we should care???

    And yes, yes I know I should eat shit and live and you sir should clean up the cigarette butts outside your restaurant. As a resident of the neighborhood told me "This used to be a clean and quiet place, then they came along."


  30. RSBP,

    The stance and positioning are something we all experienced, back when we where barneys. I long since burned all the pictures of me in that stance.

    The arms ARE NOT NATURAL. The artist is making fun of us. It is not right. It is dangerous. It is going to cause car wrecks.

  31. Let me know when you yank it down. I want to beat on it with my shoe.

  32. rspb takes a direct shot at Bob and the e street cafe for the clientel they bring to the e and scond street neighborhood.

    zinger for sure.

    Intolerant as hell.

    That neighborhood has a long distinguised history as a spot where kids, vagrants, and roadside bums hang out.

    E street has greatly improved the area and provided increased taxes for the city to spend.

    You, RSPB, have done neither.

    IMHO, your not a bum at all but a con artist

  33. This is an insult to gay surfers by stereotyping us as wimpy fairies with limp wrist. This is another step backwards. Thank you Cardiff for signaling us out.

  34. With all the wannabees here ,you know big shot flatlanders, hoedads,imports and the soccer mamas in SUVs, who don't know backside when they see it,This is the result $100,000 later.

  35. BoB said...
    I guess homophobia and anti gay hate speech is funny these days.

  36. BoB said...
    I guess homophobia and anti gay hate speech is funny these days.

  37. BoB said...
    I guess homophobia and anti gay hate speech is funny these days.

  38. For the record, kook is a California derivitive of Kukai HAWAIIAN for shit . Our inept policy makers have a surfer statue of political correctness a girly man going left a tribute to open doors, but an insult to surfing and surfers.

  39. First, there's the sign featuring Hawaiian Eddie Akiau as a haolie. Next, those cute little "Surfer Crossing" signs becaue we're too stupid to know what a car is. Then there's the guy going left on the Swami's sign, setting the lawn on fire with a perfect steaming coil. And, Kookabunga! now we have a centerpiece, a crown jewel to radiate from the center of them all. I think we can get advertising from Abercrombie, Quiksilver, Columbia Pictures,and John from Cincinatti for more surf art in North County. Surfing is too cute.

    Chardonay LeBlanc

  40. People, it’s art. You may like it, you may not, but that’s the way it is. Most grown adults understand that concept. If you don't like it, put down the bong and go raise the money for a new one since chances are, most of the negativity comes from people who don’t have a full time job and therefore have time to raise the money.
    One last thing, if you're going to "rip" on the art please learn how to spell because you’re embarrassing the rest of us.

  41. The bars in Carlsbad was art too.

    They ended up cutting that shit down.

  42. Its a fricken blog... I dont have to spel.

    the fairy statu sucs.

  43. Someone who will only post anonymously said: "People, it’s art. You may like it, you may not, but that’s the way it is."

    But it isn't supposed to be a given that the community it represents will hate it.

    I'm not a surfer, but I am an artist... and this piece appears to be really awful. The stone chunk is static and dead, totally lacking the power and grace of a wave. The surfer looks stuck, not moving.

    Also, if real surfers say the pose is terrible, then I'm going to believe them. Even to my eye as just a sculptor, I think the pose feels incredibly weak and emasculating.

    What would have been wrong about discussing the design with the community it represents, the local surfer community? If they revile it, it's a failure.

    Ask yourself... if someone did a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial and the white community loved it, but the black community in the area thought it portrayed them in a very poor light... how successful would you consider that sculpture to be?


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