Thursday, July 12, 2007

Washington Family Vacations in Leucadia

Washington Post writer Blaine Harden describes his family trip to southern California where they rent a beach house (possibly at the gated community of Sea Bluff) in Leucadia. He describes how his kids love our local beaches as much as they would anywhere in the world, discover Leucadia Donuts and make several grueling treks to the San Diego theme parks.


Since we wanted to keep it simple and maximize the amount of fun and relaxation we could have while staying close to a refrigerator stocked with sippy cups, we spent the biggest chunk of our vacation money on accommodations. We had decided that a hotel would be too constraining - without being all that cheap. Spending $200 to $300 per night for two suites (for our family and my wife's parents) would add up.

We also worried that if we spent a week in a hotel, we would feel compelled to drive somewhere every day - to pricey theme parks, crowded public beaches or fancy restaurants where the kids would spurn the complicated food - just to keep from going crazy. We decided we would rather spend that money to rent a nice place where we would not feel pressured to rush out the door.

In the end, we settled on a $2,500 waterfront townhouse with four bedrooms (two of them with king-size beds) and a large, well-equipped kitchen in a gated community in Leucadia, 30 miles north of San Diego. We booked it three months in advance and rented a minivan for the week ($400).

With a big airy home base (one that was filled with the sound of surf) it was easy to establish routines that Lucinda and Arno could find comfort in. There was, of course, a price to pay: We were far away from downtown San Diego - and its restaurants, museums and shops. But the kids did not care and neither did we. When they are older, we will come back and be sophisticated.

I bring this up because not too long ago our former mayor Christy Guerin flew to Monterey and lobbied the Coastal Commission to put a ban on home beach rentals in Encinitas. I was against this because it is my opinion that although Encinitas/Cardiff/Leucadia has many fine hotels/motels none are truly adequate for a large family vacation. Thank goodness for the Harden family (and our local economy) that the Coastal Commission wisely rejected mayor Guerin's anti-social request.

Leucadia Blog: Limitation, not ban, urged for Encinitas. Mayor Guerin's blood boils


  1. Right! Waite until your neighbor decides to turn their unit into a daily rental, you'll feel different.

    Whatever- I know the rules, so I am going to buy as many of the places on Coastal Encinitas as possible and profit at the expense of the rest of Encinitas. Thanks for the Opportunity. Our future will look more like PB and less like a quaint coastal family orientated town.

    The bottom line-

    There is a higher percentage of short term rental tenants that act disrespectful of the beach and their neighboring properties. Much higher incidents of late night loud partying, beach pollution, and non ownership for the neighborhood. They party hardy and leave back to their home that they own, protect, and will fight to keep their neighbors from allowing short term rentals.

  2. I am surrounded by rentals.

  3. Better short term rentals than hotels.

  4. Roadside Park BumJuly 12, 2007 12:02 PM

    Hey J.P. I notice that the city still isn't watering the flowers in the center median, could you contact your girlfriend on the council and ask her to use her considerable influence to have public works WATER THE FLOWERS!!! Wouldn't want the tourists from D.C. to mention HOW UGLY THEY LOOK!!!!

    But BOB is happy, at least the dead or dying flowers aren't hotels!!!


  5. We bought a house in a neighborhood of single family homes east of 101. Recently, our neighbor cashed out his home and the new owners rent it short-term and come out themselves a couple times a year. Nice couple.

    Buying east of 101, I did not anticipate revolving neighbors every week, sometimes every 3-4 days. This is a 1100 sq foot home on a small lot that allows 6 adult renters. But is anyone really checking the occupancy? Often there seems to be more than 6 people.

    We work, and my kids go to school here. The calendar for the local school district starts in mid-August, still prime time summer for many. While we still have fun, life for us is not always in vacation-mode, with late nights. It can be stressful living next to a property that is always in fun-fun-fun mode.

    I guess my point is that rental homes are moving east, into areas not previously viewed as short-term rental areas. Is this the direction in which we want Encinitas and its communities to move?

  6. Roadside Park BumJuly 12, 2007 12:53 PM

    I apologize for inferring that you have a girlfriend on the city council , that was wrong of me. I am just angry that the hard work and $$$ of many citizens is for nothing in that the city will not water the flowers!!! Such a waste for everyone.

    Anyone notice that Lady Bird Johnson died?? She dedicated her life to the beautification of America's highway!! I'm sure she would have shed many a tear over Hwy 101 in Leucadia. Not that most give a damn!!

  7. Hey JP-

    Waite until your trailer neighbors turn their trailers into nightly rentals. Then you will experience the full glory of fun, fun, fun party 24/7.

    May we'll all retire and live the Animal House freedom all our lives.

    Oh crap, that’s right I needed to work to pay my mortgage, food bills, income tax, property taxes, and Social Security, and utility bills to keep all the money and food stamps going to the freeloaders of society.

    Without non-government people paying taxes, the freeloaders would get about as much assistance as that one legged beggar south of the border washing your window and making it dirtier than when he started.

    My fellow countrymen’s attitude is so complacent its really starting to get me sick.

    I got an idea. Lets all work for the government, not pay social security, collect workfare and see how long the Country will survive before the Chinese come and make us all report to factories before we get our rice allotment for the day.

    The anon east of I5 I feel for…. More of us will be experiencing the lowered quality of life (noise, pollution, crime, rudeness, vandalism) by having more short term rentals as our neighbors in the future.

    I might as well jump on the band wagon and buying some trailer and the house next to Bob’s and making them short term rentals. I might as well profit were I can.

    Hey Bob- Why are short term rentals better than Hotels or Motels? Hotels and Motels are zoned for commercial not residential. Maybe we need a zoning for short term rentals similar to commercial.

    Well- Tomorrows another day and change is imminent. Here comes Huntington Beach style of living. To bad the change is so negative for the slower beach culture.

  8. Here is an idea: Rezone Ecke's Prop A land into row style bungalow rentals suited for families so all the vacationers will be clumped together and out of your neighborhood and then ban short term rentals.

    How about a 3 strikes and you are out policy for owners who chronically rent to partyers?

    Do you think the family in the article disturbed the neighbors?

  9. No. The family in the article sounds responsible.

    Although,....I’m not sure if the 20 fat brats doing beer bongs at 3:30am on a Tuesday night screaming "I'D FUCK DAT" as they watch pornos will be writing any articles to the press in the near future..... or the tweeckers from Vegas escaping the heat of summer doing smack and all kind of other crazy ass loud shit on a Sunday Night right before the crack of dawn on the first day of school for little Johnny.

    I don’t know, I just don't see them writing articles about how there stay in Leucadia was so peaceful and rejuvenating. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I like your idea about the zoning of the Ecke Ranch A land to short term rental and banning it everywhere else. Or maybe it could be used for short term rental or trailer space. It’s all good.

  10. Dear Bum,
    Although you were a little 'off topic',
    on Tuesday there some plants planted. It is a shame it got to this point.
    Yesterday there were new watering pipes put in. Today they cleaned up weeds and leaves.
    There is still more to be done.
    Hopefully, it will be nice.
    Agreed, this is just in the first three medians north and south of Leuc. Blvd.
    The council and staff are aware of the situation and have taken action, as of July 1.
    We should thank the citizens who contributed money for this, 'Adopt-A-Median', project that was sponsored by Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association.

    Bum,did you contribute to this community enhancement project?

  11. The family in the article would not have been stoked if they house next door was rented to party people. They would never rent that place again.But then I am not going to say ban rowdy parties, because that means we should have a party police. What next, invasive plant police?

  12. The college girls in the apartment building next to me threw a kegger last week. It was really loud. Some of the girls said, "WHOO" a lot and their boyfriends said, "SICK BRO THAT IS SICK" quite a few times then somebody threw up and then a few hours later I think someone lost their virginity but it's okay because I'm pretty sure they are in love.

  13. Oh Boy- I cant waite for all of us to here that all the time. Short term rentals are just fine. Bring em on.

  14. Roadside Park BumJuly 12, 2007 11:27 PM

    Anon6:14- Yes I did contribute to the flowers in the center median, I contributed the IDEA!!! On this blog close to 2 years ago!!! Where would this blog be without me??? No where that's where!!!!


  15. Dear Mr. Bum,
    Thank you for your contribution of 'thinking up' the idea of beautifing the medians. No one had thought of it prior to you. It couldn't have happened without you.

  16. the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association would just LOVE for all of you to think everything is going to be "nice". Get real. They get money from the City Council.

    Nuff said?

  17. The bum is genuine, the 101 is a collection of rich whor mongers sucking $$$ from their masters at the city!!!!!

  18. RALLY 'ROUND THE BUM!!!!!!

  19. the bum can't hide his support of himself.
    He supports himself 1 minute apart with his telltale '!!!'s'and forceful use of CAPITALIZATION!!!
    quit bitching and do something!!!


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