Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Chopping


Leucadia Blog: Leucadia's Disappearing Tree Canopy


  1. Ouch is right!

    The City better get on the stick and plant 10 big irrigated canopy trees to every old growth tree removed. The canopy has been disappearing rapidly over the last 10 years. A tree has a dead branch and its deemed sick and in need of removal.

    Our downtown mainstreet is unsafe and looks like shit. Minimal trees and way too much traffic speeding from Carlsbad trying to fly through town and avoid the Encinitas Crush on I5.

    I am sick of the way Leucadia is deteriorating. When is the City going to spend some of our tax dollars on Leucadia's HW101 streetscape?

    What the hell ever happened to the exciting news that the City was going to address the railroad crossing at Leucadia?

    Like most things Jerome make a big deal of….they turn out to be nothing and he does nothing to better Encinitas. I have heard this asked before, but what has Jerome ever done to improve Encinitas? The only thing he seems good at is voting in favor of rezoning his development buddies projects, giving raises and pention increases to the City union boys, keep smoking legal on our beaches, and searches for a way to get elected to higher office.

    Jerome - be a local hero and do something good for Encinitas so the people will support you in your quest for higher office. Start by fixing the existing deteriorated conditions along N. Coast H.W101.

    Like most things in Leucadia, the City only gives notice when a developer proposes a subdivision in greenhouse acreage. Then their only focus seems to be on requiring the correct number of section 8 crappy housing, not on addressing the true impact to the City.

    I think we can do better. Can’t we?

  2. Hate to see the Eucs go even though they're not my fave tree. There was a similar stand that lined Old 101 just south of Oxnard... kind of a magical gateway while escaping L.A. on the way north to surf/visit Ventura-Santa Barbara. I get the same feeling coming home when I reach Leucadia after fleeing C'Bad and points north. But I digress..

    Nothing will get done about the RR crossings in this town until a attorney's gridlocked Hummer gets creamed by the Coaster or by a 75 mph Amtrak at either Manchester or Leucadia Blvd. And SPBN Railroad probably won't let the city landscape the right of way for "safety" reasons...!

    And down the rabbit hole we go...


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