Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Exciting News: Bids in for Leucadia sidewalks

Bids in for Leucadia sidewalk project

By: North County Times

ENCINITAS -- Nine companies submitted bids for a Leucadia sidewalk project and the lowest bidder looks to be Bonsall Construction Services, a city Public Works Department official said Tuesday.

The company bid $388,744 for the job -- a figure that is below the city's estimate, which was $400,000, Deputy City Engineer Leroy Bodas said.

Over the next few days, city employees will be going line-by-line through the bid offer, and if everything checks out OK, the contract could be awarded by the City Council at its Aug. 22 meeting, Bodas said.

The construction work would take in a 3,000-foot strip along the Coast Highway North Court to Juniper Street. Work is scheduled to begin after Labor Day weekend, and the project is expected to last about three months, Bodas said.

"We're filling in the open areas that don't have curbs and gutters," he said.

*NOTE--As pointed out in the comments section the photos above are not areas that are going to benefit from this latest sidewalk project. I used them to show that the entire coastal corridor of Leucadia needs some TLC and not just the area mentioned in the NCT article. Sorry for the confusion.


  1. Now all the unemployed surfers and trailer trash here finally don't have to walk in the mud to the local bus stop.


  2. When are they going to put in a stop sign at Grandview to slow the slaughter house alley and allow our kids and other pedestrians to safety cross the HW101 and make their way to the gorgeous Grandview Beach?

    Anything done to slow the speeding BMWs and Hummers racing from Carlsbad through our town to San Diego to pay their mortgage for that big box they bought is a good thing.

    The cut through traffic will do ANYTHING to gain a few seconds.... even gun down Leucadians on their way to the beach or local shops….. just to gain a few seconds.

    Thanks City and L101 for making this happen. I hope more is to come.

  3. longtime leucadianAugust 08, 2007 1:45 PM

    It's nice to see this blog get focus back to Leucadia. Mikey you are an idiot.

  4. Are these for the temporary sidewalks that will have to be replaced in 5 years? Or are these the temporary sidewalks that won't be replaced for 25 years?

  5. Probably somewhere in between.

    It depends on whether Council spends $20 million on 3 FireMcmassions and $60 million on the Stocks/Dalager Regional Sports Complex or if they council decides on other priorities.

    Let them know your thoughts.

    Remember there is an election next year so they will at least pay you lip service, and you better record what they say so you can hold them to it.

  6. The photo that J.P. shows is an area that WILL NOT receive sidewalks so you still are taking your life in your hands on this section of 101. Good Luck!!!

  7. I just called and confirmed with Leroy Bodus that the cost for the sidewalk upgrade INCLUDES the three extra blocks north of Diana St. (that we asked for when it was an agenda item a few moons ago.) Hooray. I still would rather see the most problematic portions done first, like J.P.'s pot hole puddle pic by the Leucadian, but I'm not in charge. But this first phase will make a big difference in safety and commerce. And of course now there won't be mud on my shoes when I get to the bus stop, thanks Mikey. Fred Caldwell

  8. Sidewalks are good things but really don't care for all gray concrete and hard curbs with gutters. Always liked the semi-rural look of Leucadia sans hardscape...

  9. We owe a thanks to Patricia Bell, pres. of L101, and her board that has worked with the city to make this happen. And a thanks to the city.
    A pedestrian friendly Leucadia is a good Leucadia.

  10. Please forgive the off topic, but my home in Leucadia was broken into while we slept the other night. Much was missing, cops blame a tweeker.

    J.P., could you do a post regarding home security in Leucadia sometime? I'll bet a lot of folks have similar stories. Anything to keep Leucadia funky and safe.

    Tweekers suck!

  11. anon 1:13 Leucadia 101 Mainstreet, Leucadia Town Council and Seacoast Preservation have sent a message to council of the traffic issues of the north coastal corridor and included the outlet at Grandview. At present the city has put out monitors, those rope like things, to determine if speed is really a problem!?! Come to Leucadia's Art Walk and make sure you sign a petition to immediatly lower traffic limits, no matter what those monitors tell city officials.
    Keep and eye on council, this topic will not go away.
    The "temporary" sidewalks are just a start, but a good one.

  12. I'm a Carlsbad resident and I'm sick of you damn Leucadians trying to run me down while I'm walking on Carlsbad Blvd. It goes both ways, whiners.

    You act like speeding is a problem that only Leucadians have to deal with. And you act like all speeding must originate from outside of Leucadia. Dolts. You are the speeders. Look at your speedometers a little more often, you hipocrites.

  13. Will there be room for parking cars on the street once the sidewalks are put in????

  14. Hi,
    Love your blog. I was hoping you could discuss the following on your blog :)

    1) train horn - why the variance on how long and from what point the driver decides to toot that screaming thing? Can't they put a different tone on it? I swear sometimes the person driving the train just sits on the horn.

    2) What's missing in town? I love the comment about the grocery store, I would LOVE one here. And why do shops shut at 5pm?????? Do they want to stay in business or not? I walk from D street to Swami's after dinner all the time and its a ghosttown except for the few restaurants. Do we want this to be thriving downtown or not?? I wish there was more foot traffic in the evenings. An evening walking club would be great.

    3) Whenever I cross from D street towards the train station, I swear cars do not stop to let me cross, they race across only to get stuck at the red light on Encinitas Blvd/Vulcan. WTH. Sorry a vent, but wondering if anyone else feels the same.

    4)Discussion on the best eats in town? And what's missing? My out of town friends are kinda surprised by the lack of cuisines choice here.


  15. speaking of sidewalks,
    i can't wait til I can safely walk with the kids down Leucadia Blvd to the beach,

  16. I think the new sidewalks are going to take away from the FUNKYNESS of Leucadia.

    What next? No Sandbags at the railroad crossing? OH NO! That is the most Funky part of them all.

    It's a sad day.

  17. New sidewalks, pretty soon we can look like Van Nuys Blvd. or any other street in Los Angeles. Yippee, that's where a lot of us grew up and now you are bringing our childhood back to us. I wonder how you will get the smog?

    Good thing, all this progress.

  18. I agree about the train horns. I live near the tracks. Amtrak seems worse than the Coaster, but all at times really lay on the horn far too long. Curiously it seems to be the freight trains that are the most discreet with the horn blasts.

    As far as local cuisine is concerned in downton Encinitas, the choices are much improved from 5 or 10 years ago. Too many Italian restaurants, but Cardiff suffers from the same problem. This is the cuisine that seems popular right now. I can only suggest that eveyone partronize regularly their favorite restaurants. Amici (has it changed its name?) between "D" and "E" Streets on the west side of Highway 101 has outstanding food (and expensive too, but worth it). In spite of its name, the major influence on the food is Latin America with other international touches. The yuca and quinoa as side dishes are the best I have ever eaten. Not for the timid diner, but a great place for out-of-town guests with educated palates. I hope it is still there, as I haven't been there in a while. Make a reservation. The place is small and very busy.

    Check the San Diego Reader (it's free and comes out on Thursday) for other coastal North County recommendations. Naomi Wise, the reviewer, frequently visits this area. I have dined with her. She is very experienced. It's only a question if your tastes agree with her tastes. She always states her likes and dislikes.

    Walking along 101 is hazardous. I have experienced the same impatience of drivers, who seem to be always rushing.

  19. My out of town friends are kinda surprised by the lack of cuisines choice here.

    Are you nutz! Get in your car and drive around encinitas. Lots of great eateries on the main strips.

  20. You obviously have not walked along Leucadia or HW101 if you don't think you need sidewalks.

    Carlsbad Weener-

    Quit your whining an get your council to do something to build character to your town instead of approving the thousands of box subdivisions with no end insight.

    Start be telling your council to slow speeds on Carlsbad Boulevard from 70mph to something like 30 or 35mph.

    Please slow down when driving your Hummer through our beautiful town.

    I bet you wish you lived in Leucadia if you are reading this blog. Don’t you just Love It.

  21. Research how speed limits are determined. They're not randomly set. Asking for a 30 mph limit won't result in a 30 mph limit. Well, maybe it could be set politicallly, but a politically set speed limit could never be legally enforced and therefore would never be enforced by authorities.

    Don't put in sidewalks. Leucadia won't look the same. I don't want to look like every other street in Orange County.

  22. No good deed should go unpunished in Leucadia.

  23. Re: Longtime Leucadian...

    You are the idiot if you missed my analogy.

    The majority of whiners here actually complain that the drives of Range Rovers and BMW's and Novice Surfers are the biggest threat to Encinitas. They always talk Crap about them, so I just do what they taught me, and return the crap back to them. As long as dickwads here are going to talk trash like that, so am I.

  24. Why not just put dips or speed bumps on 101 if we really want to slow down traffic?

    The ones on Vulcan at least make everyone slows down before they hit them.

  25. Slow speeds down? Why don't you just press a little less hard on the accelerator.

  26. Leucadia should keep an eye on the planned sidewalks. As I understand the will be 5' setbacks vs. 20' in downtown. Are we ok with that?


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