Friday, August 31, 2007

Heavy Equipment in Leucadia


  1. I would like to see that big old hook and ladder the old fire chief decided was so necessary in Encinitas come down to leucadia and save a cat or maybe a squirrel.

    I would love to know the stats on what that thing has been used for besides building overly big fire stations over the last few years?

    Once again, does a city of 60,000 with a 3 story limit need a hook and ladder that is typically used in Cities with 10 story buildings?

    I'm sorry; I never heard an answer to the question that made sense.

    Is it just to waste taxpayer’s money, because the fire department likes the idea of a truck that has turning back wheels steered by two people ?

    Maybe we should sell it to reduce long term operational costs and help pay for the public works building or hall property.

    Can someone explain why it is worth keeping?

  2. Im having a tough time understanding exactly what they are trying to do with this piece of heavy equipment. Nice pictures, none-the-less.


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