Friday, August 17, 2007

How walkable is your neighborhood? Find Your Walk Score

Check out this cool website that calculates how walkable your neighborhood is (meaning, how many shops, stores, restaurants, schools and parks you can walk too). My address scored a 60 out of 100.

visit Walk Score


  1. I cant walk anywhere. I am stuck here surf dancing on rocks.

    You Leucadians will be lucky if you can walk anywhere other than to work. You better get to work to pay off the debt for the $60 million Regional Sports Park and the $20 million in Spiffy Fire Stations. Heee Heee.

    Glad I dont live in Leucadia-that roadside park bum is sketchy and smells really bad. He'd probably pee on my feet if he had the chance. Why would I want to walk in Leucadia anyway?

  2. I just did it for my address. Came up a 62. To bad, I love walking in Leucadia and wish the City would hurry with the HW101 Streetscape project and address that hazardous railroad crossing. I wish Leucadia ranked in the 90s.

    Don't you just love our local "bookstore" listed.... none other than F Street. Boy that makes me proud.

    Great website. I wish more people would get out of there cars once in a while and walk more.

  3. There's an F-Street adult bookstore .55 miles from my house?

    I better start walking more often!


    OK, seriously: I got a 51 out of 100. I would consider Leucadia more walkable if I didn't have kids, or rather, if I had more sidewalks and track crossings. But I won't beat a dead horse. All I need is Just Peachy and Beacons. And walking to those doesn't require sidewalks or track crossings (for me, anyway).

  4. Oh, long time leucadian -- I must type too slow. You beat me to it.

  5. I scored a 69. I can even walk to the surf statue. I promise not to desecrate it by an unseemly behavior. Can anyone top my score?

  6. My friend who lives in downtown Cardiff only got a 66. That seems low considering she is only two blocks from a library, post office, grocery store, the beach and 1/2 a block from Glen Park. I wonder what it takes to score in the 90s?

  7. I entered two random, sorta made-up addresses from the Bay Area.

    486 Geary, San Francisco, scored a 98. 4678 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, scored an 85. I guess Shattuck isn't so bad these days, but as far as a good place to walk?

    I hope people aren't stupid enough to base anything on these scores.

    I think I've had too much coffee.

  8. My score was only 65, yet we have sidewalks on our block, anyway.

    From the looks of the roundabout on Leucadia Blvd., that surely won't make walking there any easier. Pedestrians beware!

  9. Sorry Anon-

    I beg to differ. The roundabout at Hymettus is looking superb and once the improvements are complete the pedestrians along the corridor will have a much safer walking environment.

    What’s up with your perception? I guess time will tell which one of us is more accurate.

  10. I believe that walk score is cool, but nowadays more and more people prefer to drive cars. Homes are often located in an area where some establishments are easier to get to by car than on foot. I've recently found a type of service on which is called Drive Score. It shows a map of what establishments are in your neighborhood and calculates a Drive Score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance. It doesn’t mean that drive score is better than walk score – they are equal and both necessary in the modern world!


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