Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let's Get Some Shoes

Sales tax revenue is down 2.6% in Encinitas so go out and buy some shoes.

warning, this video contains profanity and femme fatales


  1. Classic! There's a place in the PARADE for them...

  2. I think the moral of that video was that her feet were actually too big for those shoes. Very fitting story though, with all the excess spending in Encinitas today. Both Encinitas and the shoe lover obviously have good taste though.

  3. Sling Blade LoverAugust 02, 2007 11:21 PM

    I thought it would be funnier if I was about lawn mower blades.

    I don't know. Don't you just Love Them!

  4. Oh...Oh...Oh....

    I think Mary Fairy would work well into that video.

  5. The Encinitas Ross Dress for Less is having a big shoe sale this week. Personally, I only buy USA made New Balance shoes at that little shoe store in the Lumberyard even though there is a New Balance store in the Carlsbad Forum. Why do I do that? Because I love Encinitas and America.

  6. Encinitas shoes rule. Carlsbad shoes suck.


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