Monday, August 20, 2007

Leucadia Blvd News

I've received this e-mail from several sources:


The City of Encinitas has contracted with 3-D Enterprises to construct the Leucadia Boulevard Improvement Project. We are currently ready to complete the roundabout at Leucadia Boulevard and Hymettus Avenue. In order to do this, we will have to detour eastbound Leucadia Boulevard from Fulvia Street to Orpheus Avenue. The detour will be affected on or about Wednesday, Augusts 22, 2007 and will last approximately two weeks.

Westbound Leucadia Boulevard will operate as usual, with one lane open. The Sheriff's office has been requested to increase traffic enforcement during the detour. A speed radar will be placed on Fulvia Street.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience; however, it is necessary for the completion of this work.

3-D Enterprises, Inc.
Frank Falcon

City of Encinitas
Todd Baumbach


  1. The roundabout is looking good.

    Its too bad about the need for the detour and the impact on the residents on Fulvia. In the end, the neighborhood will have a much safer path to walk to the beach instead of waiting in a car in the nasty traffic at the railroad crossing. Additionally cars speed will be reduced on Leucadia Blvd. heading west towards the 4 way stop at Hygeia street. I hope that will address some of the nasty accidents I have seen at that intersection and make it safer for the kids walking to school.

    I hope the detour is short lived. Thanks to the folks on Fulvia street for helping out the greater good of the neighborhood.

  2. The Roundabouts will make it much more dangerous to cross the side streets.

  3. Jon p-

    I think it will be more safe to cross the side streets. Go check out the roundabout on Santa Fe and Rubenstein Ave. The crosswalk paths are much shorter and safer for pedestrians.

    I think it will be much safer on the side streets. I think walking around the roundabout at Rubenstein Ave is much safer and I think walking around the roundabout at Hymettus and Hermes will be much safer. Plus cars will be traveling at 25 mph verses 40 to 50 mph

    Time will tell and I look forward to the improvements being done. I look forward to a much safer walk to the beach.

  4. I look forward to the day that we can see for ourselves, here. I'm not sure about pedestrian's being safer if they are stranded in the middle of the roundabout.

    When is the two weeks up?


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