Monday, August 13, 2007

Leucadia Blvd Roundabout Drive By

I hope the new roundabouts work out because last Saturday's traffic was a mess.


  1. Seems terribly tiny, to me.

    The signs went up days after the traffic mess began . . .

    Really feels like Autopia, at Disneyland, somehow. We need some little mushroom houses, now.

    What's the smallest room in the world? A mushroom.

  2. Everyone came to see the progress.

  3. Freeway avoidance traffic sucksAugust 14, 2007 7:59 AM

    The Roundabouts are going to be sweet. The traffic will continue to back up due to the Vulcan/HW101/Rail road/Leucadia Blvd intersection. Get used to it-It’s better than a freeway heading to Beacons beach straight from San Ellijo Hills.

    Traffic will continue to be a mess due to the freeway avoidance traffic. Whenever I5 is gridlock, our streets become gridlock. Our streets will remain at the mercy of I5 gridlock until we take control of the situation and reduce the time it takes to speed through our town for all the people using I5. If we reduce the freeway avoidance traffic, our streets would be safer for all of Encinitas and we would see increased emergency response times.

    Projects like the roundabouts help neighborhoods be more pedestrian friendly and discourage freeway avoidance traffic.

    Leucadia Boulevard west of I5 will remain jammed and might improved when the RR crossing and Vulcan/HW101/Leucadia Blvd intersection is improved but that project is immediately forgotten after each fatality. I bet someone gets smeared again by Christmas.

    Installing traffic calming helps persuade cut through traffic to stay on I5 and not use our local streets for their raceway to San Diego.

    All of Encinitas should not pay the price for those who bought a big box in Carlsbad and need to race to San Diego through Encinitas to earn there mortgage payment. If the Carlsbad residents are unhappy with the traffic, they should tell the State to get moving on the I5 improvements.

  4. Wait until you see how many people chose to get out their cars and walk downtown or to the beach.

    Money well spent.

  5. I'm very excited about the street improvements.

    Any word of what they are putting in the middle of the round abouts? On the City's website it shows, tall slim beautiful palmtrees - is this true?


  6. and discourage freeway avoidance traffic.

    and get out of cars to walk to beach instead.

    Are you bloggers taking drugs?

  7. Are there plans to put Roundabouts on 101 ?????

  8. the santa fe round about certainly hasn't reduced i5 avoidance traffic.

  9. They need a roundabout at La Costa and 101, not only to slow down traffic but to permit northbound cars to make a U-Turn to come BACK to Leucadia. Currently it is an 8 mile round trip to the first legal U-turn for northbound travelers. (Give us a break, Carlsbad.) It will also make a nice entrance and exit to the new KSL Hotel/condos that will be breaking ground soon. Not to mention a good showplace for the bronze statue of Neptune I want to place there. :) Fred C.

  10. The Santa Fe roudabout has caused some locals to go mad. Hence the "Save Cardiff" movement. Morons all.

  11. Everyone who lives on Santa Fe has sold their evil cars and walks to the beach every day. There is no school, no work, no need to go to the store, and flowers bloom 365 days a year.

  12. Leucadia Wantabe (carlsbad resident)August 14, 2007 5:13 PM

    Fred's idea is wonderful. Let’s get Mick and David Meyers to pay for it. They have made tons of money building new homes in Leucadia without contributing to the infrastructure and they both just love all of Leucadia so much.

    A one lane roundabout at La Costa and HW101 is an excellent idea. I also like the idea of Neptune in the middle of it. Fred has excellent ideas for Leucadia.

  13. i say put a bronz statue of a surfer in the middle of the round about --- just kdding

  14. How about a statue of Greenhouses and/or a Eucalyptus tree?


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