Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Surf Movie at La Paloma Friday night

There is a new surf film premiering , One California Day.

One California Day isn't just an aggro jump cut surf video. Shot in crisp 16 mm OCD is pure surf cinema with a lot of time, effort and money put into it.

You can catch the local premiere this Friday at the iconic La Paloma theater in historic downtown Encinitas.

Watch the trailer and making of featurette here.

AUGUST 10th, 2007

471 South Coast Hwy. 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

Showtimes 7:00pm and 9:15pm

Buy your tickets in advance this week exclusively at the Cardiff Patagonia store.

PRICE: $10.00 (Adults)
$8.00 (Kids 12 and under)

The Patagonia Store is located at:
2185 San Elijo Ave.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

See Also: The Patagonia Blog


Super secret sneak preview clip here.


  1. I love watching movies at La Paloma.

    Have you guys discussed the $8 fee to park at Cardiff? I'm so bummed about this!!!!!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnnnn....

  3. I'm taking the kids to the movie tonight. Thanks for the heads up. Cardiff is a state beach. NOt much we can do about the fee. I own the year pass which pays for itself if you use it enough.

  4. The City of Encinitas should charge for beach parking to share the costs of maintaining our fine beaches with all the residents that live outside of Encinitas that frequent our beaches.

    At any point in time, I bet 80% of the beach users are not Encinitians. They play and we pay.

    Charge $5/day for all beach lots and sell annual passes. We could use the revenue for more cops or coastal access improvements, bathrooms, litter removal, REMOVAL OF CIG BUTTS, improvements to beach facilities, etc.....

    I would gladly buy a pass for $100.

  5. I think that free parking is a sign of a healthy and functioning society. We pay a lot of taxes in California, do we really need to be nickel and dimed everywhere we go?

  6. We pay a lot of taxes because state government has been going into debt for a long time. We now are paying our parents debt.

    You should not judge the taxation level as being high enough to pay for everything unless you equate the level of debt the state is in. Arnold did not have a magic wand and we are still in deep shit. We are in debt and should be paying the piper either with less service or more taxes.

    Is our society functioning on borrowed time and money?

  7. Yes. each citizen owes $30,000.00 in Federal Debt and about $5,000 in state debt.

    I heard they were going to start sending out bills. Can you afford to pay your $35,000 that our govenment spent for you?

  8. Great movie the Cardiff arts organizers should have watched it before carving that dumb statue.


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