Saturday, August 25, 2007

North Leucadia Coastal Cruise

This short video isn't much, just the short cruise northbound on the coastal corridor of north Leucadia (Leucadia Blvd to La Costa Ave). This video shows how beautiful, cool, rustic, eclectic and unique Leucadia is, but also exposes some major flaws:

* On the right hand side is the NCT wasteland; dry, dusty and crappy (except for a handful of beautiful old growth trees). The bus stops aren't much more than rusty leaning poles with signs. No benches, shelter or bus schedules. When the trains pass by they kick up dust storms which cover the local buildings in a dirty film.

*There are some exceptions but the center medians are basically weeds and dirt. The city should plant attractive drought resistant plants and/or pave the medians with attractive stones.

*There are serious gaps in the tree canopy.

*There are no pedestrian crossings. This is especially odd at the northbound bus stops. You are seriously putting your life at risk trying to get to the beach or shops.

*The bike lane is tiny.

*The road itself is in terrible condition. It's bumpy and pot marked and needs to be repaved ASAP.

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  1. Went to the Artwalk today. Nice day kind of.

    I heard about 20 people make comments about how unsafe they felt walking along N.Coast HW101 and also what a crap hole the street was. I have to agree.

    Now I know why all the residents’ surveys say bad roads are their primary concern. Hopefully, Council will listen and put more money towards that "Crap Hole" we call downtown Leucadia. It should be as nice as downtown Encinitas but in a funky sort of way.

    Leucadia Homes are some of the nicest in town and we pay big taxes. Its time for council to start spending the precious City dollars on needed improvements along N. Coast HW101.


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