Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Slight Malfunction with new high tech trash cans

Citizens, we are experiencing a minor malfunction with the new $4,000 high tech trash cans we purchased for your disposal needs. Please remain calm and stay inside your homes until we sound the all clear.

thank you,

your friends,


Encinitas buying high-tech trash cans

WARNING: graphic violence, do NOT watch.


  1. Gross and disturbing but I laughed.

  2. $4000 for a trash can? Has anyone noticed that Leucadia still doesn't have sidewalks? Leucadia blvd and the coast highway intersection needs to be repaved and repainted. Can we throw the orange sandbags in the solar powered trash compactors? Will Beacon's beach get a $4,000 trash can but never get a public restroom?

  3. Big ugly "green" boxes with very small recycling bins on the side. Hopefully the solar panel driven compactor doesn't have enough power to crush an "empty" propane cannister. Life expectancy is a year at best...

  4. Why did Barth, the Encinitas Taxpayer group's candidate, foist this stupid waste of taxpayer dollars on the city after going to some boondoggle conference at taxpayer expense?? What the heck happens to people once elected, does their brain shut off?

  5. Was it a 1-4 vote FOR these trash cans? No, it was 5 to zero. We have 5 nimrods on the council.

  6. I've looked at the agenda's and this NEVER came to the council for a vote. Per the newspaper, this was initiated by Barth alone.


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