Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smashed Drivers Smash Fence, Ruin it for Everybody Else

Stupid drunk drivers, now Olivenhain can't have this nice fence anymore.

Logan Jenkins hands out Bricks.

Leucadia Blog: Olivenhain Fence Drama


  1. Another clear and obvious sign that this city is run on the fear of litigation. THe most important department is risk management.

    Too many lawyers. One day the entire system will seize up in paralysis.

  2. Funny how the City’s risk manager is worried about a fence piercing people and completely ignores the hazardous conditions and huge liability at Leucadia Boulevard rail road crossing.

    Cars are not just hurt at the crossing. People die. The City has been notified of this huge hazard numerous times without any action.

    I bet next accident will result in a huge lawsuit costing the City over $10 million. I say once the City gets sued on this one, fire the risk manager and their bosses for gross negligence.

    Time will tell. I give it one year.


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