Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Turnkey means turnkey dammit

Encinitas public works yard remodel could top $1M, officials say

Citizens of Encinitas, do not read the North County Times story about the new Public Works Yard costing an extra meellion dollars. If we say the Mossy site is turnkey then it is turnkey. You would have just wasted your meellion dollars in tax money on Harry Potter action figures and light beer anyway so stop whining.





  1. Encinitas City Council misled us on this purchase. It was reported, quoting Dan Dalager, in the Coast News and the NCT to have been appraised at $8.5 million, turnkey. Then that price went up a million to include the structures, still turnkey. Then there was to be another $500,000 to upgrade the facilities. Then we were told they had spent $602,000 and needed at least that much again, to upgrade. Now they want even more. The report from the architect says materials prices have gone up, but the phrase "drastically" or "dramatically" increased is from staff.

    Talking about extravagant spending, another library could have been built at the Quail Gardens site, keeping the old one which had historical value. The cost of building the library escalated because of the huge wall required because of the slope and the need for a "designer coffee terrace" with a view.

    We had a fine public works yard, where it was. Our city eliminated it and eliminated the San Dieguito Water District facilities, too, charging us, the SDWD ratepayers $3.5 million for right of use, only, at the Mossy Property. SDWD lost the rent revenue of $10,000 per year it had received from Encinitas for the public works yard. Having the City Council Members sit as the Board of Directors of the Water District has led to overspending by both agencies and a conflict of interest.

  2. Perhaps this is why Dan Dalager and Jerome Stocks are so intent on stirring up controversy over the lame ass X-mas parade. Fighting over the Holiday hullibalu was meant to mask the mendacity of Dalager and Stocks sweet heart real estate deal with thier buddy Mr. Mossy.

  3. Jerome Stocks will again give his foolish answer, "We will find the money somewhere." Doesn't he ever stop to think that perhaps he should stop his foolish spending of our money? And let's not forget that another $500,000 has already been budgeted for each of the next three years to cover the full costs of the misnamed turnkey operation.

  4. No, no, no! You must have not heard correctly. They said "Turkey!"

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  6. I guess I didn't hear correctly and with my failing eyesight I didn't read it correctly either. It certainly is a turkey, and it's not Thanksgiving. Too bad we didn't get ham or roast beef as the main entree.


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