Monday, August 20, 2007

War Protesters Strike Cardiff Statue

Some war protesters used the Cardiff surfer statue to make a statement on Sunday, August 19. I wonder if the people who did this will be considered vandals by the Cardiff Botanical Society (whom have not been happy with earlier statue modifications)? I wonder if left wing Coast News columnist Bob Nanninga will label these protesters as homophobic nazis? Nanninga has criticized the war many times, will he support this form of protest or condemn it as vandalism? I wonder if Union Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins will hand out a Brick award to the protesters? It's interesting that the Cardiff surfer statue is now being used as a form of mainstream political protest (I could argue that the earlier pranks were also political protest but not too many non-surfing statue pundits want to entertain that the local surfing scene is a legitimate subculture that has a legitimate gripe against the statue). I wonder if these war protesters are also surfers or if they are non-surfer using the statue for it's prominent location?


  1. I don’t mind the scarf, but the hood makes me feel Muslim and I don’t think Muslims believe in Fairies.

    Please give me my mini and Bikini top back.

    Luv ya all!

  2. I got a couple of angry e-mails on this (as usual). To clarify, it is my understanding (from the person who e-mailed me the photo) that the hooded statue is indeed a war protest. Maybe it's the same people who put up the Osama banners all over town last year? I thought the red scarf was supposed to symbolize blood or something, who knows?
    I wasn't going to blog about the statue anymore but the fact that war protesters dressed it up was interesting to me since I have been blamed for the previous pranks by some Cardiff pundits.

  3. i thought it was a surfing tip from obiwankanobe telling young surfers to "use the force, luke." shows you what i know about anti war symbolism and surfing, i guess.

  4. Close, but not quite right. It's Obi-Wan Kenobi. Has the use of the shift key been forsaken? This makes it harder to read.

  5. Personally, I think using the statue for war protest is legitimate. I don't think that "dressing" the statue should count as vandalism, as long as no permanent marks or damage is done.

    I wonder if Bob Nanninga did comment on the war protest? Good questions, JP.


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