Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leucadia Roundabout Now Open

The landscaping is not complete, but the first of three roundabouts is now open for your driving pleasure on Leucadia Blvd. It will be interesting to see if it becomes easier for cross traffic to enter the road now and if weekend knuckleheads and weekday cut thru commuters will be able to navigate the thing.


  1. I drove the roundabout on Saturday a few times and I like it. It slows cars down to 20mph but keeps them moving through the intersection. I bet we see less nasty crashes at Hygeia because people won’t be going 50mph down the hill and blow through the stop sign.

    Saturday traffic was heavy due to the gridlock on I5. Even with the construction signs up the roundabout handled the heavy traffic. The congestion on Leucadia Blvd. was at the 4 way stop at Hygeia and the messed up intersection at Vulcan and HW101.

    The City did a great job with this roundabout. I love the rocks and the multilevel center wall. I can't wait to see it fully landscaped and look forward to the next one

  2. This roundabout is a great improvement. Whenever I use to drive down Leucadia Blvd I was always nervous because I had experienced so many close calls there.
    Thank you for all the effort! Finally we can see our tax dollars working for our safety. Please spend more on these real improvements and less on consultant stangers who do not live in our area and have no idea about what we need..Congratulations on great job to everyone involved at the City!

  3. We will see. Because one roundabout seems good to some, at first use, does not mean that three will be better.

    I was told, by the City, that the speed limit through the roundabouts is to be 15 mph, not 50. I don't know of any accidents where someone was going down the hill at 50mph and didn't stop at the stop sign.

    The traffic commission has a log of all the acidents going back nine years from 2003, when it did the study, I believe. The only intersection that could have justified the roundabout, "accident wise," according to state wide averages, is Hymetus.

    So, as the comments here reflect, the roundabouts are to discourage cut through traffic, which is fine. But they are traffic slowing; the Leucadia Blvd. roundabouts will not work to mitigate traffic congestion caused by new development here or in other city's.

  4. I think the hazardous rail road crossing and Vulcan and HW101 intersection need to be fixed before the stop sign at Hygeia is removed. Without the stop sign at Hygeia, the gridlock at Vulcan would be even worse.

    Hopefully someone at the City is working a plan to address the railroad crossing and hazardous intersection.


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