Friday, September 28, 2007

The Lonely Pedestrian

Leucadia is currently getting some long overdue infrastructure improvements. The coast highway sidewalks in downtown Leucadia and Leucadia Blvd roundabouts are all great ,but lovers of Leucadia should continue to pressure the Encinitas city council to upgrade the Hwy101/Leucadia Blvd intersection.

The road is scarred and pot marked. The wear and tear on our cars driving on Leucadia roads is starting to wear on a lot of nerves.

All the paint lines have long worn away causing great confusion with drivers who are in the westbound left lane but want to go straight to Beacon's Beach. Encinitas traffic engineer Rob Blough hinted at repainting these lines back in August.

The NCTD has done a horrible job with their lack of landscaping and installation of ugly orange sandbags.

Every time the train barrels through it kicks up a huge dust cloud. The entire coastal section of Leucadia is covered in a dirty grimey film from the train tracks. It can't be healthy breathing in this dusty dirty air all day and all night. (Maybe we should go to the homes of the NCTD board of directors with leaf blowers and blast them with dust and flith so they will know what it feels like).

Good luck to pedestrians who have an almost invisible presence at this intersection. The person in this photo is risking getting hit from a car wanting to turn right.

This isn't some out of the way country road, thousands and thousands of cars are using this intersection.


  1. This is the ugliest and most dangerous spot in Encinitas.

    This intersection will be a huge issue in the upcoming elections. Incumbents better be prepared to explain why nothing has been done in the last 20 years, and what their plan is to get it done in the next few years. New candidates better come to the table with a solution as well. Status quo is not an option.

    This intersection is the same as it has been since Leucadia Boulevard was built in the 1960s. The difference is there are 20,000 more cars and pedestrians and 40 more 70 mph trains use it daily. No wonder it is a death trap!

    Whatever happened to Jerome Stocks promise to fix the intersection?

    Isn’t he also on the NCTD board?

    Can someone please run for council that can actually address some of the town’s serious existing problems and not focus on building trophy projects?

  2. Jerome Stocks is running for re-election in 2008. He is on the NCTD board and was chairman for a year, but seems to have accomplished nothing to benefit Encinitas. He screwed us big time on the double tracking in Cardiff. All we got was stopped trains belching out noxious fumes. And there is the financial boondoggle of the Sprinter. We should all work to get him out of office.

    Is there a worse grade crossing on the whole Coaster corridor than the one in Leucadia? I avoid it like the plague. I have that option living in Cardiff. The Chesterfield crossing doesn't have the hump, the traffic intensity, or any traffic coming from the west of Highway 101.

    What happened to the quiet zone? It would sure be nice to silence those air horns. A friend who lives in Village Park says he can hear the horns at night.

  3. Yes, Leucadia Blvd and North Coast 101 and Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd are very dangerous, as well as unsightly, an actual public nuisance for both pedestrians and cars.

    The City is too quick to spend money on tree hackers, so called "arborists" on staff, while seemingly ignoring the dangerous and ugly railroad crossing at Leucadia Blvd.

    To many it appears that our infrastructure is crumbling while Council is focusing on vanity projects such as the Starbucks balcony for the new library and the multi million dollar expenditures for the Fire McMansions.


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