Friday, September 07, 2007

Mayor Bond won't run for office in 2008

This story does not come as a surprise to many:

Three-term mayor not planning to seek re-election at this time


  1. Thanks Jim. 12 years is enough.

    Let’s hope we get 2008 council candidates with some good intelligence and common sense.

    I hope the focus is preserving the beach community character and sustainability. There is no need for more up zoning. Let’s stick with our general plan.

  2. Holly Cow!!! I didn't know he will be a council member for 16 years. Thats way to long!

  3. Bond said he couldn't recall ever ordering a Pina Colada or having visited the Ocean's Eleven Casino while on a secret mission...

  4. ALthough Jim and I have disagreed on many things over the years, I will say he has been the ONLY Council member that always returns my e-mails. For that I have been truly appreciative. Whatever his decison turns out to be, I do believe that it will be in the best interest of Encinitas. Personally, I like him, although he and I are usually on opposite ends of the political spectrum. If he does leave, I know I, for one, will be there to thank him for what he has contribted to our City.Thanks for the years of service Jim.

  5. James Bond had the courtesy to answer my emails too, although the answers were always perfunctory and unhelpful. Like an aging baseball player, he stayed in the game too long. I am glad to see him leave. I think his staying so long hurt the city.

    I was surpired to learn that he was only 68 years old. I thought he was much older. I guess his personal life style took its toll.

    He made an alliance to form an unholy trinity with Dan Dalager and Jerome Stocks. This triumvirate was responsible for some foolish decisions, the latest being the $10,000 satisfaction survey.

    Earlier he was more fiscally responsible, but his long years of service make him accountable for a large number of questionable financial decisions, including the library, the Hall property, and the Mossy Chevrolet public works yard.

    I would think that he is worried about his legacy. There is still some time left for him to redeem himself. I hope it isn't too late.

  6. I think he wants to spend more time with Pussy Galore.

    That nasty little 007.

  7. Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of the man killed at the railroad tracks in Leucadia. What has the city done to correct this most deadly of intersections in Encinitas?? Answer: NOTHING!!

    This will be James Bonds most lasting legacy, that he had 16 years on the city council and did little to nothing to improve the infrastructure and safety of Encinitas!!

    16 years ago you had 24 trains whipping through town at 70+MPH, today you have 48 trains whipping through town at 70+ MPH.

    16 years ago you lacked sidewalks under Santa Fe Dr. Today there is a sign asking to walk on the north side of the underpass, where a walking path about 2 foot wide allows you to be out of the street.

    16 years ago traffic whipped up and down the 101 at 45+ MPH( really any speed you could get away with), today there are no signs of speed reduction nor traffic slowing of any kind.

    16 years ago the city wasted thousands of $$$ on wasteful consultants and stupid studies, today nothing has changed with the most recent city survey of satisfaction costing tax payers over $10K.

    James Bond used to have an election sign that said "Encinitas needs James Bond!!" Well you got him... for 16 years and you have nothing to show for it. How much will Mr. Bonds pension be after all this time?? Long after he is out of city politics the tax payers of this city will be paying Bond, James Bond!!!


  8. James Bond said he wouldn't run again before he ran for State Assembly. Then he changed his mind when he lost that position. That is when he should have stepped down.

    Now he can do what is best for the City, for the taxpayers and all the voters, not just for his "chums" on Council.

    Bond doesn't know what trasparency means. He should be fined for violating the Fair political practices Act, more government code that our City has not bothered to abide by. His recent newletter fiasco put out some phony spin that he was sending us all his smiling mug and puff piece, at taxpayers' expense, "to maintain a transparent government by informing the citizens of the 'many great things that are happening' in the city," according to the Coast News, on 8/10. Apparently, shortly after that, facing a $5,000.00 fine, Bond decides not to run again.

    JB just had to be mayor one more time, I guess, and he messed that up, too. Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts.

    I don't know what Christy Guerin had on James Bond, but he sure changed his tune under her Queenship's "rule."

    I'm glad he's leaving. His legacy is someone who overstayed his welcome and his common sense, sense of integrity. James Bond was part of the coverup re the improper transfer of funds into and out of the General Fund, and many, many secret, closed door decisions. He hasn't seemed to be thinking for himself for quite some time.


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