Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Sidewalks=Fancy Walkin'


  1. Thanks City for finally spending some of our hard earned tax money in Leucadia. Although its small, its a start.

    OMG! I see a sole remaining tall canopy tree in the backround.

    Call 911!!!- I see a dead leaf and ants on it!!!! It must cut it down immediately. There's a slight chance a squirrel might drop something on the RSPB head and he will sue the City for millions.

    Where did all the trees go?

  2. City is spending about $30,000 for a different consultant to study and answer questions about the Draft EIR for Beacons Access improvement, including planned seawall.

    Wow, sorry there aren't more comments here, JP.

  3. Yippee !
    I can't wait to do some fancy walkin'
    on the new sidewalk with my new Grandson!


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