Tuesday, September 18, 2007

North Leucadia Coast Mobile Gas Station Now Open

Big week for Leucadia, sidewalks are going in, roundabouts are getting built and now we have a nice gas station to fill our hybrid vehicles up with when needed.

"I remember a meeting of 100 or so Leucadians in the Poinsettia room a few years ago that started out very contentious, then this guy named Fred [Caldwell] presents the idea of using old gas station architecture for the design of the station.

By the end of the meeting 100 folks were happily doodeling with Fred and the owners coming up with the concept.

The rest is history.

Leucadia is very lucky to have the citizens that it does, you now also have the nicest looking gas station in all of San Diego County as well."


  1. I love it. Especially the postcard with the huge tree canopy in it. It must have either been in the past or the really far future, because every big tree is either dying or will be removed by the City in the next few years.
    I hope we can get planting some big canopy trees with recycled irrigation water to re-establish the tree canopy along Leucadia 101. That roadway is looking parched.

  2. Thank God!

    I always cut through Encinitas on my way down to San Diego and I frequently need gas for my bitchin yellow Hummer (YEAH BABE!).

    The 101 freeway is faster and get more looks than if I’m stuck in morning traffic on I5.

    I used to have to search for a gas station to fill up on 3 or 4 days per week. Now I can punch it and know more gas is right down the road on the 101 Freeway.

    I hope the dopey Leucadians stay out of my way. Cause you don't want a piece of my H2 -now do ya BABY!?

    Race ya down the 101, Sucka!


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