Thursday, September 20, 2007

Public can preview new library's art Oct. 1st

ENCINITAS: Residents interested in having a say in which art will be displayed in the new library under construction at Cornish Drive and D Street in Encinitas are invited to view 11 art proposals from 3 to 5 p.m. Oct. 1.

The proposals will be available for viewing at a community forum in the City Council chambers at City Hall, 505 S. Vulcan Ave. The public can voice opinions to the Encinitas Commission for the Arts when the commission meets at 5:30 p.m. that day.

The library is scheduled to open in early 2008. The art will be displayed in three areas: a courtyard adjacent to the children's area, the gates leading from E Street to five reading patios and a terrace/courtyard gate near a community room terrace.

The artists being considered are Wick Alexander of San Diego, Christie Beniston of Solana Beach, Alber and Luna De Matteis of Fallbrook, Teresa Hansen of San Diego, Paul Hobson of San Diego, James Mullen of Palm Springs, James Nelson and T.J. Dixon of Leucadia, Eric Powell of Berkeley and Michael Stutz of Fallbrook.

The City Council will make the final decision. Encinitas has budgeted $55,000 for art at the library. –A.L.

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I vote for a Pete Wilson statue!


  1. I hope they can hold an ongoing exhibit of all the different outfits the public gives to me over the years.

    I pretty much put Cardiff on the map in the surfing industry.

    Love to all my fans. Hugs and Kithes!!!

  2. I am your biggest fan fairy mary, and i would just looove to put you in some of my clothes...


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