Friday, September 07, 2007

What is Jim Bond's Legacy?

The news that mayor Jim Bond will not seek re-election in 2008 prompted longtime blog commenter "Roadside Park Bum" to post this gem:

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of the man killed at the railroad tracks in Leucadia. What has the city done to correct this most deadly of intersections in Encinitas?? Answer: NOTHING!!

This will be James Bonds most lasting legacy, that he had 16 years on the city council and did little to nothing to improve the infrastructure and safety of Encinitas!!

16 years ago you had 24 trains whipping through town at 70+MPH, today you have 48 trains whipping through town at 70+ MPH.

16 years ago you lacked sidewalks under Santa Fe Dr. Today there is a sign asking to walk on the north side of the underpass, where a walking path about 2 foot wide allows you to be out of the street.

16 years ago traffic whipped up and down the 101 at 45+ MPH( really any speed you could get away with), today there are no signs of speed reduction nor traffic slowing of any kind.

16 years ago the city wasted thousands of $$$ on wasteful consultants and stupid studies, today nothing has changed with the most recent city survey of satisfaction costing tax payers over $10K.

James Bond used to have an election sign that said "Encinitas needs James Bond!!" Well you got him... for 16 years and you have nothing to show for it. How much will Mr. Bonds pension be after all this time?? Long after he is out of city politics the tax payers of this city will be paying Bond, James Bond!!!


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  1. Although I am a newbee, I have heard some people chatting as they walk by. You’ll have to excuse me if I sound a little harsh. I get this way when grommets make fun of me surfing on rocks.

    From the hearsay I hear, I think it’s easiest to describe Mr. Bond legacy by what he opposes and supports. In short Mr. Bond;


    1. Putting major City Bond Measures to a vote of the public
    2. Sticking to our original general plan.
    3. As RSPB mentioned, addressing the serious safety (or fatality) issue at the Leucadia Rail Road Crossing within a 16 year period.
    4. Others that RSPB mentioned but I want to keep my comments positive.


    1. Numerous Raises and Pension increases to Staff and Council.

    Commentary: Did Mr. Bond help create major long time liabilities that the City will have a hard time paying for in the future? Look at the City’s % spending on Staff costs. Oh My God, The City only spends 7% on capital improvements the rest goes to Staff costs and overhead!!! Go to Page 2 of 4 of Encinitas Now

    Staff Costs are by far the Cities biggest liability.

    2. One of his highest priorities is moving forward with the 3 Ritz fire station upgrades.

    Commentary: I'm not sure if all the residents think this is a very high priority and definitely not budgeting over $15 million on the pretty upgrades. Spend it on polish for me instead. Without the capital cost, the operations already consume 21% of the Cities budget. Once again look at Encinitas Now page 2 of 4. We all know that safety and emergency response is important and we are paying big money to support it.

    3. Purchase of the “Turn Key” Public Works yard.

    Commentary: From what I hear, each time the key turns the City spends another $1,000,000.00 on the project. The City purchase also eliminated a large commercial tax generating property which reduces the Cities revenues.

    4. Upzoning properties from the general plan zoning.

    Commentary: Don't we have a water shortage and traffic problems currently? Why would we want to encourage more traffic and water use?

    5. Smoking on the Beach.

    Commentary: what ever happened to think globally act locally? I thought Mr. Bond is a republican. Don't republicans usually argue to keep issues more local and not encourage the State and Feds to get involved? Are Republicans usually endorsed by the fire department unions as well? I guess Mr. Bond is a George W. Bush type of Republican.

    6. Me – Mary Fairy!!!

    Commentary: Because of this I like you Jim and will overlook all the other issues that I have heard about you.

    God bless you and love live your Legacy!

    PS- Come by and visit more often. I get lonely and cold now that fall is arriving.

    Lets remember-- It's all about me.

  2. If Jim is truly leaving, perhaps we should turn our focus to the Concilpeople that will probably run for reelection (or at least they haven't said they wouldn't run). This includes Jerome Stocks and Maggie Houlihan. Look at their records of voting and see what you like and don't like. IMHO, Jerome has caused more damage to this City than any Councilperson up for reeleciton. He has lied to me at a Council meeeting and would not retract the lie, even after I e-mailed him the information that proved him wrong. He did admit that he was wrong to me. When I suggested he inform citizens, he would not do it.He has continually stalled progress and seems to be only concerned about is developer friends. I have a long list of complaints about him, but people need to do their own investigations of the records. It is easily done by going on the City's website and looking at the voting records of Council people.

  3. I just hope that James Bond doesn't pull a Christie Guerin on us in his last year in office and make us all miserable. Enough is enough.

    How about scaling back the plans for the McMansion fire stations, scaling back the remodeling at the new Public Works yard, scaling back the grandiose sports complex on the Hall property, and putting a moratorium on upzoning, including the Cardiff Specific Plan?

    Please! No more lease revenue bonds and moving money out of the water district into the general fund to pay for things not authorized by the voters.


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