Thursday, October 25, 2007

Air Power

Navy Helos Race From Harris Fire To Pendleton Fire Tuesday, 10-24-07, 5:10 PM

The View From Encinitas Best Western Evacuees Room, 211. Over Moonlight Beach.

Photo e-mailed in by reader Mike Andreen. Thanks Mike!

Click photo for larger view of the helicopters. You can also the ash slicks in the ocean and a nice glassy peeling lefthander (wave) in the lower right hand corner.

Bonus: has a story with a slideshow about the Ecke Ranch housing 60 evacuated horses and other members of the Ecke clan taking in over a dozen Alpacas and Lamas, dogs, snakes and guinea pigs. click here

Llamas or Alpacas?

Leucadia Blog: Horsies at Paul Ecke Central School


  1. Alpacas or Llamas who cares??? What I want to know is what are they doing in that kitchen where food is being prepared!! And don't give me any stories, I WANT THE TRUTH!!!

  2. I don't know, but if it bites you you can ride it to the hospital.


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