Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Current Encinitas Fire Map

The thumbtack is Beacon's beach in Leucadia.
Google map with info icons.

By the way, if your house burns down it was because you hate America according to CNN's Glenn Beck, link.


  1. The fire has finally reached west of the I-5 in the Del Mar area. South of the racetrack in that canyon area.

  2. From: Deborah Cervone
    Sent: Tue 10/23/2007 9:16 AM
    To: civic
    Subject: Council meeting cancelled

    The City Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow night has been cancelled. I’m not sure when we will schedule the items in the future. If you have citizens/consultants who you know were planning on attending (i.e., the appeal that was scheduled) would you please contact these people and let them know of the cancellation.


    P.S. We will be having an SDWD meeting on Friday (time not yet determined) to handle the refinancing issue that is time-sensitive.

  3. Wear a mask if you go outside!!

    I just went to the Von's on Santa Fe and was astounded to see people walking, and riding bicycles without respirators or scarves. There is a very real potential for lung disease if you aren't careful. The tiny little particles of ash, the ones you cannot see, can lodge themsleves in your lungs and stay there for a long time. And if you only have scarves, wet one with water because the moisture will trap the invisible particles. Same think if you only have on hand the cheap painting masks. If you have two. wet one with water and wear that one outside the other dry one next to your face.

    The reason this ash is so dangerous is because these are the ashes from homes made with synthetic stuff, and a lot of it is carcinogenic. Think about it...plastic, paint, asbestos, PVC pipe, asphalt, you name it. And it's all fying in the air and will continue to do so for days.

  4. I heard that city crews are working on the sidewalks today. That seems just...wrong.

  5. now I among your readers


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