Wednesday, October 31, 2007

High Octane Local Pride Art

Next time you pull in to fill up your tank at the new "retro" Mobile station take a minute to gawk at the progress being made on the local pride mural. You have to give the owner of this station credit for taking the extra effort to make this place nice. Most gas stations are dirty, corporate and have a hostile vibe. Not this one.


  1. I agree. I will definitely frequent this place when I need Hydrocarbons to burn, or for a snack. I just hope the Hummers from Carlsbad don't run me over in the process.

  2. I'll look forward to visiting the Mobil station when I have a chance to visit. I'll try to ignore the stumps. I've enjoyed the blog and harking back to my youth with many fun times in Leucadia!

    Marcia in CT

  3. Let's give the artist some credit here (besides just the gas station owner)! Who is he and has he done other murals around town??

  4. Geeze- I hate to admit it, but that mural is like a really nice enjoyable art piece!

    I mean,,, I'm enjoyable if you like fairylike surf nymphs on rocks.

    Dam- Leucadia finally has something nice besides the Pannikan. It used to have the tree canopy, but that gone. Haaa.

    Hugth and Kisthes!


  5. High Octane Art CriticNovember 01, 2007 8:33 PM

    Oh MY God!!! Not again, no please tell me it's not true. Not the same old mural painting that has been done a thousand times in a thousand towns across America!!! Please show me some real art!!! I'm sure that this artist his it in him to produce something of VALUE!!! It's been done, it's been done!!! How many times must I say it.... IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!

  6. I f Im not mistaken , That Artist is local boy, Kevin Anderson,

    Who also did murals on vegis donuts and the huge octopus that you used to be able to see on the buildings if you looked east form the Cardiff 7-11.

  7. Thanks for publishing the Mobilmart article & pics, J.P. Leucadia is lucky to get both a business owner that's reviving quality vintage architecture on 101 with his Art Deco gas station, but a great local artist to add locally flavored murals - inside and outside of the building. And no, it hasn't been done before. You won't see Caldwell's Antiques in any other mural in America. (BTW, Thanks Kevin!) Now if I only had a car...

  8. Thank You Kevin, it is a great piece of art and I hope it lives forever in Leucadia. Love the boathouses in J.P's pic.

    To High Octane Art critic...........nevermind.

    Great job Fred, Kevin and L101 on the stamps!

    The tree canopy will come back. I'm an optimist :)

    Cheers Peder

  9. I have an alternative- You could put a HUGE PIT BULL turd in front of the front of the gas station and say "Welcome to Oceanside".

    People will think they are going in circles.

    Is that classic or what?

  10. Or better yet;

    Put a picture of Brittney spears in front of her mom's mobile home spot and say- "Welcome to Vista- Where everyone has a dream".

  11. A Carlsbad dude who likes hot chicks!November 02, 2007 12:07 AM

    My freind told me to check out this web site. What a bunch of FAGGETS! If I see you on the street, I will beat you.

    Fricken Dumb ass trees. Remove them all and widen that bad boy to make more room for vehicles. This is Southern California right?

    Home of the big mortgage and bigger gas credit card bill!

    Let keep our priorities straight Dumb Ass Leucadians!!!

  12. High Octane Art CriticNovember 02, 2007 8:30 AM

    Fred, while your store may have been profiled in the mural, how is that any different than any of the other small M&P stores that are profiled in all the other murals across America?? You are comparing apples to oranges. Hell, the menu at The Little Moore Cafe has a great mural....on it's menu cover!!

    Peder, one of your jobs as 101 czar is to keep our community unique and different. The same ol' sidewalks, trees and murals is hardly what this art critic considers "funky".

    If one mural is good, then is a dozen or more better for Leucadia? Doubtful. As I stated in my first comment, I'm sure this artist has more in him than a mural, let's see it!!!

  13. Thanks Fred and Kevin and the owner for trying to keeping the flavor.
    The artists other work can be seen on his website at
    and framed at the corner frame shop. Good work Kevin.

  14. Thanks for the beautiful art Kevin. It is nice to see a local person's art on our own streets and buildings. I really love the boathouse mural. Also, thanks to anonymous for letting us know the artist's website. I am going to check it out.It would be fun to have a mural on my house, if I could afford it. Maybe I can become the new art director for the City. Then I could have a mural that I liked paid for by City coffers
    We seem to have so much extra money these days. Like 1.5 milion to refurbish the "ready to go" public works yard" Sorry, that just sort of slipped out, and I am not inclined to delete it.

  15. These kinds of murals have done been before it's true. Trader Joe's has an excellent local pride mural too.

  16. If it weren't for those pesky encinitas citizens you could be like Carlsbad. Here is how we are going to produce a vibrant downtown.

    CARLSBAD: The City Council will discuss revising development standards downtown when it meets Tuesday.

    The recommended changes, which include increasing residential density in some sections of downtown, are designed to stimulate economic development.

    Other changes include allowing buildings to reach a height of 45 feet and easing setbacks by allowing structures to be built up to the sidewalks.

    Parking requirements also would be eased in some instances.

    The changes affect the downtown redevelopment zone, which lies roughly west of Interstate 5 between Laguna Drive and Oak Avenue.

  17. Was Jim Darling release from jail?? That sure looks like him in the photos!! Maybe he learned to paint while in the big house!! Red hair, pony tail, baggy pants and big thick glasses. I swear that's Jim Darling!! Can he come over and rebuild my brakes?

  18. Who is Jim Darling and why is he signifigant?

  19. Lukocyte Checks InNovember 03, 2007 9:53 PM

    Yea, inquiring minds want to do know who Jim is. I thought he was an artist. Never mind, HE IS AN ARTIST! What more need he be? So let's move on. What's next J.P. How about a political story. I am tired of fires and gloss. I want TRUE GRIT!!!


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