Saturday, October 27, 2007

Local Fire Recap

Click map for large view. Find Encinitas and then trace your finger east and think about if the winds had not changed...oh my!

The fire appears to be out in our area. The city of Encinitas has closed the Evacuation Center at the Community/Senior Center and deactivated the Emergency Operations Command.

We were VERY lucky that the wind changed. The fire hit Lake Hodges and went in two direction (north/west & south/west).

If the fire had continued along the Escondido Creek watershed it would have run through eastern Olivenhain and into the San Elijo Lagoon area. The south finger ran along the drainage area below Fairbanks Ranch and burned some houses in Rancho Santa Fe. It could have kept going to the area around Morgan Run and the Polo Grounds. What would have happened if it got into the center of RSF and then San Dieguito Park and Lomas Santa Fe?

The fire stopped a few miles from Encinitas but had been running so fast that it would have been a very short time before it hit the city limits.

Feel free to add any other info or changes to this post in the comments section.

Also, this SDUT story reports that the Encinitas poinsettia crop may be harmed by all the ash, click to read.


  1. HAAAAAA...HAAA...HAAaaaaaa

    Next time mere mortals.....

    You better start praying to the proper gods, instead of the porcelain... and you may have better luck....

    Lucky my siblings were in a jovial mode or thing would not be looking so good for you today.

    Until next time,


  2. "You better start praying to the proper gods, instead of the porcelain."



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