Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mandatory evac order for Olivenhein lifted

Tuesday late afternoon/early evening at Moonlight beach/Mars.

Mandatory evac order for Olivenhein lifted

The mandatory evacuation order in the eastern Encinitas community of Olivenhain has been lifted, Encinitas Fire Department chief Mark Muir said late Tuesday afternoon.

Muir said he lifted the evacuation order after touring wildland areas east of Encinitas and seeing that the fire that had threatened Olivenhain had been completely extinguished.

---- Adam Kaye, Staff Writer North County Times

*Television news is reporting at 10:30 pm that the Del Dios and Rancho Santa Fe fires are now moving east away from Encinitas.

Check out the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District website for good updates, click

The mandatory evacuation for portions of the community of Olivenhain in the City of Encinitas has been lifted as of 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 23, 2007. The mandatory evacuation was issued the evening of October 22nd for the area east of Rancho Santa Fe Road and north of El Camino del Norte in the city limits. No other evacuation orders for Encinitas residents were established. The lifting of the mandatory evacuation order will allow residents to return to their homes.
There appears to be no immediate wild fire threat within the city limits at this time, but Encinitas Fire personnel continue to monitor the situation and the Encinitas EOC will remain open throughout the evening.
The temporary shelter at the Encinitas Senior and Community Center at 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive will remain open until evacuees have left the site.
Information on other fires in San Diego County and other fire related information are posted on the San Diego County Emergency Homepage at: http://www.sdcountyemergency.com/

Evacuation lifted for part of Encinitas

The evacuation order for the Olivenhein area of Encinitas has been lifted as of 8 p.m. It is open to residents only. The National Guard is checking ID's at access points. Residents may also call the City of San Diego Community Access Phone at (619) 570-1070 for additional fire information.


  1. Kudos J.P. This website provided a great service during the crisis.

    I also think credit is due Councilwomen Teresa Barth and Maggie Houlihan for the service they provided. I recieved several updates and press releases from Teresa who emerged once again as a leader. I saw Maggie Houlihan on Tuesday morning loading up her truck with bags of Kitty litter for the displaced cats riding out the fire storm with their human evacuees at the Encinitas Community Center.

  2. What press releases from T.Barth?? I have followed this fire from Sunday evening and I don't remember any Press releases from Barth. As for Houlihan, so she donated some kitty litter!!! OK?? So what!!! Lot's of people have donated different things, why don't they get recognition BOB??

    If you want to KISS ASS that's your choice, my question is what's in it for you??

    How did this website provide any better service than any other??? Just wondering?? Oh yes I remember, more kiss ass for J.P.

  3. All the press releases posted on this blog have been e-mailed to me from Encinitas city council person Teresa Barth.

  4. Ask the Olivenhain evacuees if they think they were kept well informed.

  5. I'm writng from Boston, MA, and I've spent a lot of time online the last few days because my elderly parents live in Encinitas and they are media challenged (no TV or computer or cell) I have gotten VERY familiar w/all the resources avail.
    Regardless of anyone's motivation (truth seeker) bottom line, this web site was very helpful in terms of getting VERY local news.
    And I thank you.

  6. Well why doesn't she e-mail everyone in the city!! And your report that the fire jumped to the west side of I-5 @ Del Mar was wrong!! Was that her release also???

    Sorry there is some truth that needs to be sought here and I am going to find it for I am the TRUTH SEEKER!!!

  7. Take a deep breath bro, you have inhaled too much ash. The press releases I got were the same ones sent to North County Times. Posting them was no big deal. The Del Mar fire report was from ch 10 news. The truth is if I hadn't taken the time to blog you would be giving me grief for that too.

  8. Why did this blog have updates a full day before the city website did? Why didn't the Coast News website have fire updates?

  9. To Truth Seeker:
    Get on Teresa Barth's email list. I received all the updates directly from her. Is Jerome Stocks, James Bond, or Dan Dalager doing this? And what is your politcal agenda for criticizing her for taking the initiative to do this on her own? I appreciate her efforts.

  10. Truth Seeker, leadership takes many forms. Teresa and Maggie spent tuesday volunteering at the evacuation center establised at the Encinitas Senior/Community center.

    Giving credit where credit is due is not kissing ass. But then again, by the tone of your post it seems charity is beyond you.


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