Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Local Fire Photos

The smoke from the devastating flames made for dramatic and beautiful sunsets. Beacon's Beach by Philip Hamer.

Evacuated horses at Glenn Park in Cardiff. Photo by Teresa Barth.

San Elijo/Chesterfield/Mars. Photo by Teresa Barth.

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  1. The following quote from an article in the U-T today pretty well guaranteed that the Stadium would be cleared of evacuees for the big game on Sunday:

    "The Chargers do have an insurance policy that covers lost gate receipts, but the deductible is extremely high. The team can generally expect a home game to bring a gate of more than $7 million."

    The Mayor may have received threats from Chargers' attorney Mark Fabiani, that the City would be liable for that deductible. In any case Jerry Sanders has given the order to clear the Stadium of cats and dogs and give it back to the Chargers.

    Entry to the Stadium parking lot is now restricted. It is a one-way traffic down there. Time to leave. The occupants are being corralled into smaller and smaller areas of the stadium. The police are checking IDs and taking names. The "humanity" party is over.

    Qualcomm Stadium will not be on the Bush itinerary. Katie Couric is gone. CNN got its uplifting story. Your caring politicians got their pictures taken. Now it's sports time. What do these people think big sport is? A game?


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