Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Stumps

More trees have been removed from the north Leucadia 101 corridor and the NCTD is planning on removing 7 large trees that are in the NCTD right of way (and beware the mysterious metal poll!).


  1. Where have all the trees done? Without the trees, Leucadia is no more than Vista by the Sea.

    I am being to think the tree removal plan by City Hall is a plot by the Jerome Stocks to eventually declare Leucadia Blight and get his developer buddies to make big profits by redeveloping Leucadia!

    Everyone knows the biggest asset of Leucadia- second to the beach- is its trees; yet City Hall seems opposed to promoting and preserving our canopy.

    The City Staff has been quick to cut down trees with no plan in place for replanting the corridor.
    This is a huge part of why the canopy looks like it does today. Who is directing staff? You’re City Council!

    Many mocked Annabell Jansen for being so vicious when it came to preserving and promoting trees in Leucadia. Apparently, no one at City Hall cares about them and now they are gone. Now without her, the trees are dwindling quickly. Do you think she had a point?

    I hope someone fills Annabell's role as Leucadia's tree guardian and can preserve what’s left of our once great canopy. Without a guardian the trees in Leucadia will be like the orangutan, extinct in 10 years.

    Remember this point in the elections of 2008. Choices:
    1. You want Big Developments overtaxing our roads, open space and precious limited Water- Vote for Jerome Stocks.

    2. You want more sustainable government that cares about the quality of life of its current citizens- Vote for someone else!

  2. What the F)(ck?!!!

    I am sick of all the trees being cut down in Leucadia.

    The Staff at City Hall responsible for this need to be FIRED NOW!

  3. I think the City has it backwardsOctober 31, 2007 7:14 AM

    Not what I call progress!

    More Concrete - Less Trees?

  4. The trees were and those left are a danger to Carlsbad motorists. When you hit a tree at excessive speed it kills. So, to protect the Carlsbad residents, we have to take the trees out.

  5. hanover beach colony RocksOctober 31, 2007 8:05 AM

    Hooray! Open that baby up!!!! who the hell needs trees!? I have an HUMMER baby!!! Thats right H2 all the way. Why because chicks dig it.

    I love the fact that most Encinitas Staff lives in Carlsbad.

    Great Job Staff. My Hummer will crest 60mph this morning!!! Chicks will be digging me!!!

    I love Leucadia!!! Home of the Carlsbad drag strip!!!!

    Keep up the great improvements!!!

  6. So who controls the NCTD? Those are the people we should be asking these questions. If it is the Council, then make your voices heard. If it isn't the Council, find out who it is and raise H---! That doesn't mean that they will change their minds, but at least they will hear the objections. If enough people object to enough things, changes can be made in 2008. It isn't that long until 3 of the Council members will have to run again(or not). One of them is Jerome.The other is Jim Bond, who lives in Olevenhein, and to quote him "loves the back country". Maybe he doesn't like tress in the "front country", I don't know.

  7. Why is the NCTD cutting the trees? Are they getting ready to double track in Leucadia?

  8. Jim Bond doesn't love the back country. He always idealizes Carlsbad as a well run city. He has often lamented why we can't be more like Carlsbad. He doesn't understand why his wife likes to live in Olivenhain. Don't take my word for it, ask him.

  9. City Hall InsiderNovember 01, 2007 6:35 AM

    Jim Bond and Jerry Stocks represent Carlsbad more than Encinitas' best interests. They both should just more to Carlsbad and run for council. It would be a much better fit for their character.

  10. So, let's vote them out. Who wants to run? Hopefully we will get a candidate like Teresa Barth.

  11. My freind told me to check out this web site. What a bunch of FAGGETS! If I see you on the street, I will beat you.

    Fricken Dumb ass trees. Remove them all and widen that bad boy to make more room for vehicles. This is Southern California right?

    Home of the big mortgage and bigger gas credit card bill!

    Let keep our priorities straight Dumb Ass Leucadians!!!


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