Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leucadia Blvd Backup

This is a photo of the second Leucadia Blvd roundabout currently under construction. Roundabouts promise to smooth the flow of traffic, but only one problem here, the traffic is gridlocked at a dead stop. The stoplight at Vulcan, the train tracks and the coast highway intersection all create a perfect storm of traffic, backing up through the roundabout and all the way to the stop sign (and beyond on weekends). After I took this photo I sat through three red lights and one train before making it across the coast highway. The total wait from the time the photo was taken to getting through the Hwy101 intersection clocked in around 12 minutes.


  1. Good Traffic Calming. Very safe and very easy for pedestrians to cross the road. It make is miserable to drive through Leucadia, so cut through goes somewhere else and locals walk instead of drive.

  2. Lets ask Jerry Question No 3November 28, 2007 7:16 AM

    3. In the last eight years, why hasn’t anything been done to improve the death trap at Leucadia Boulevard / HW101, Vulcan, and Rail Road crossing.-Lets ask Jerry.

  3. Jerome did something about the intersection. He made it more unlikely that it would be fixed anytime soon by putting the city in massive debt for trophy and payback projects. Wake up Leucadia! When the council spends money somewhere else that affects you! Jerome didn't do it alone because he had help from Houlihan, Dalager, Bonds, and Christy.

  4. Jerry is not thinking clearlyNovember 28, 2007 8:04 AM

    Thanks Jerry. We love the death trap endangering citizens and visitors alike. We much rather you spend the money on a $5 million dollar face lift for the fire department to enjoy nice BBQs and movies while they wait for their next call, 20 million dollar library, and 60 million dollar regional park, and 11 million dollar public works yard.

    What were you thinking?

  5. If we want change, then we have to attend Council meetings from time to time. I realize not all of us, including me, can go at 6PM. However, Dr. Lorri did make it to the meeting where they were going to spend 1.5 million tax dollars for the "turnkey" Public Works facility. She was the ony one who spoke from the audience. All 5 Council members, including Teresa, voted for the whole amount. She suggested selling the former Mossey property, and uniting with the Olevenhein Water District, who had said that they would be happy to house our Public Works facility. The cost was less than the price of the Mossey Property, by far. In case some of you don't know, the San Dieguito Water District, of which about 45% of Encinitans get their water, is also housed in the Public Works Department. It gets a little fiscally confusing, especially when you attempt to ask for the numbers. However, my point is that only one citizen fought the amount. That is what amounts to petty cash to these folks. We need to be there in full force to Ask Jerry and others and hold them accountable.

  6. P.S. on that above comment. That was 1.5 million dollars in addition the purchase price of 9.5 million that they they had already spent on the property.

  7. 1.5 million ON TOP of the 1 million on top of the 9.5 but who's counting you big cry babies.

    Waa Wa Waa

    Too much traffic, too much wasted taxdollars, too many lies from city hall.

    Waa Waa Wa

    Complain Complain Complain

    Go back to sipping wine, eating cheese, and talking about sports.

  8. JP,

    When did you take that photo? Yesterday (Tuesday) morning there must have been a major accident on Leucadia Boulevard west of Saxony Road in the morning that really snarled traffic for awhile. Leucadia Boulevard was actually closed. If you took the photo yesterday morning, that could have been the reason you expierenced abnormal delays.

  9. Let's not forget that the roundabouts are being put in as mitigation to speed the traffic so our local streets can carry even more vehicles. That way the city can approve even more development because there will be no traffic impacts on local roads, as the mitigation has increased their capacity.

    Wonderful, no? The photo is just a sample of what Jerome Stocks wants to give us to help his developer friends.

  10. Even if you don't feel up to speaking before Council, you can donate time to any public speaker on consent calendar or regular agenda items. There won't be another Council Meeting until December 5th. Please attend if you can, even if you come late.

    People can have up to two time donations, each, for a total of nine minutes. I donated my three minutes to Dr. Lorri for her opposition to the Public Works Yard. James Bond, that same night misinformed the public that "around 35 sites had been considered." After a Public Records Act request, I know that not to be true.

    Also, I did a Calif Public Records Act [CPRA] request for the name of the City's contracted appraiser. Per the City Clerk's response: the City had no contracted appraiser. I think this means the only appraisal was completely self-serving, and was not independent. I would like to know who did pay for the single appraisal, that was later increased by one million dollars to include outdated equipment and buildings that should have been included in the $8.5 million supposedly "turn-key" property appraisal???

    This does relate to the Roundabouts, because they are another example of the City's unchecked spending, which takes away money from projects that would benefit Leucadia, and our entire community.

    Just ask Jerome.

  11. The biggest waste of money and damage to Encinitas Jerome has done and will continue to do is votes to increase his own (council's) and staff salaries and pensions.

    That guy never met a union pay and pension increase request that he didn't approve.

    He calls himself a Republican.

    I call him a big union supporting democrat.

    Pshhhh - I spit in your general direction

  12. Jerome Stocks did come up with and idea for the Leucadia Blvd intersection. He suggested closing it and moving it to Cadmus where there is no steep grade. I thought it was an interesting idea. I think the state money that was available is long gone now.

    I did a poor job of writing up this post. My point was that the traffic was gridlocked through the roundabout so side traffic could not get through. Hopefully when it's finished that won't happen.

    This photo was from last Saturday, there was no accident. Just weekend afternoon traffic.

  13. Election year is coming up and the incumbents will be making promises that only need to last until the Nov. election. When the city council promised to stop the double tracking through Cardiff, the questionable incumbents only needed to stall until the November elections. Ever wonder why, when just before that election, an agreement was signed by the city to drop opposition to the double tracking?

  14. I agree that Jerome Stocks has got to go. I hope Jim Bond does what he has said, privately, and will not run again. Four terms was two too many, for him, and definitely for the citizens of Encinitas.

    One thing, Jerome did not vote to increase Council's pay. He was the only one who didn't. He knew that was going to pass, so he made the token gesture.

    However, he has voted, consistently, and incorrectly, to continually increase staff and the fire department's pay and benefits. This is unwise. Plus, the labor negotiations are not correctly noticed and reported. Who is representing the employees union in these negotiations? We are entitled to know. Personnel officer Beckord seems to have a conflict of interest, representing the City in these negotiations.

    The "backup" involves more than Leucadia Blvd., that's for sure.

  15. Jerome Stocks' Cadmus crossing idea, was rejected by NCTD staff engineers as completely unfeasible ong before he mentioned the dead horse plan to Adam Kaye and the NCT.

  16. I liked the Cadmus crossing idea as well. I hope its not a dead horse.

  17. The Cadmus/Jasper RR crossing idea (that would have also closed Leucadia Blvd at the RR crossing) would have created about 8 more turns for vehicles going between 101 and fwy 5; installed numerous other traffic signals; sucked the life out of about 6 blocks of businesses on N. Hwy 101 (making them not viable and blight worthy); squeezed more traffic on Vulcan Ave, and made yet another gate so trains could blow their horns more. If someone can explain to me why the Cadmus/Jasper crossings were a good plan, I'd like to hear what they have to say. Maybe I'm missing something.

  18. Engineer Bill- You make no sense. What are you talking about? Everything you claimed is wrong. Go talk to the City.

    The positives of the crossing at Cadmus far outweigh the negatives. Get your points straight before posting on the blog.


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