Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leucadia Nights Friday, Dec. 7th

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  1. Thanks but no thanks.

    I'd go, but I'm afraid to walk along Mainstreet on a Friday night with people racing by at 50mph.

    I'll waite until things slow down a bit before I risk my life. Thanks.

  2. Support our local businesses.

  3. I would support our local businesses more if I could walk to them from the east side of the tracks. Currently the only crossing is the death trap at Leucadia and the Railroad crossing.

    Even if I did dare to cross, then am I going to get gunned down by a speeding cut through I5 cars late for some happy hour?

    Our mainstreet speeds (45-50mph common) are way too high to feel safe walking along that street. It’s sketchy out there. I have tried it a few times. Not very enjoyable.

    Why does downtown Encinitas have 30mph speed limit and Leucadia has 40 mph?

    No wonder the businesses in Leucadia don't do as well as in the Encinitas downtown area.

  4. People - can we please acknowledge that we have new sidewalks that will making walking parts of Leucadia 10 times better than before? Or is this blog only for complainers?

  5. Stay home with your covers pulled over head waiting for Osama to jump out of the bushes. My family is going to enjoy the new sidewalks, have dinner and do some Christmas shopping in Leucadia.

  6. After the new sidewalks, will the property owners increase the rents?

  7. I agree. The sidewalks are much better. Thanks city.

    Lets see- 10 times zero equals?

  8. naw- what a nay sayer.

    Its not zero. I would agree the sidewalks are a ten times as good as before. Out of 10, I would say that before our HW101 was about 2/10ths out of 10. 2/10ths times 10 gives 2 out of 10. Not great but definately a start.

    Thanks City! Definately better than before!!

  9. Thanks city for the new sidewalks! Not complete yet, but many times better than before, including numerous planters. But how did they do it without forming a redevelopment district? Plan B?

  10. Lets see-

    New interim sidewalks for Leucadia.


    Firestation remodel


    Hall Regional Park


    What projects benefit the public the most?

    Do our roads need to be made safer before building trophy project including a regional park to benefit all of north county?

  11. the sidewalks are a definite improvement, but it is only the start. important to attend the council goal-setting session when it comes up. the promise was 400,000 each year for a few years. the council needs to be reminded that this is an already agreed upon goal. nothing less.

    the firestation is going to be done so ya gotta live with it.

    please don't refer to it as a "regional park" or it may end up becoming one. it is supposed to be a city park for the citizens of the community. no lights, only a few fields and lots of open space, trails and picnic tables. it is not supposed to cost 60 million in a fell swoop. it may be fifteen to twenty years before we have anything near that amount invested. maybe longer. but if the final EIR allows there is no reason the park can not provide some use as it evolves, perhaps helping the city and council members to get a better handle on the needs and desires of the community before throwing massive amounts of money into a project that only a council member could love.

  12. Gil-

    You can call the park whatever you like. The fact is the way it’s currently planned everyone from around North County will use it and the City residents are the only ones paying for it.

    Check out the percentage of people that live outside Encinitas signing up for City parks and recreation programs at our community center, parks and beaches. The hall park outside users will dwarf our current percentage. I for one do not want to subsidize carlsbox. We are already subsidizing them by letting our roads get overwhelmed by their cars considering the Environmental Impact Reports for all those huge subdivisions were totally incomplete and do not talk about impacts more than a street away from their development. Total joke.

    I don't want to pay for a regional park. Do you? Can we card people and anyone that lives outside Encinitas pays $20 per person per day similar to the system the state park has established?

  13. im actually unhappier that the city didn't get on-going traffic mitigation money for sanelijohills.
    that project spawned thousands of cars daily onto the city roads.

    rather than card everyone i would rather have a toll booth on rsf rd. with locals having a telesponder like the toll roads and paying nothing. but that isn't going to happen is it?

  14. thats right Gil. And Every huge subdivision in Carlsbad over the last 15 years. Thanks Carlsbad for shoving your crappy box building congestion on us.

  15. I love that the City put a landscape area between the sidewalks and the curb. Letting the walkers stroll near the front of business windows and away from the 50mph traffic. Great job to whoever designed it. Was it Peder?

  16. I agree, great idea.

    Nope, was not me.

    The project was designed before my stint as 101 coordinator.

    Credit goes to Leu101 and the city. It was originally designed next to curb and gutter, but Leu101and busnesses advocated to generlly put it next to the storefronts and separate peds from autos. The city agreed this was the best stratagy to deal with the grade issue.

    It's been great working with the property/business owners along the stretch with the new sidewalks as they go in. It's a balance between the existing non comformities and the desire to have a walkable community andf is not always easy, again the engineering dept has been awesome in making it all work.

    It's a project that has gone really well. Leu101 and the city deserve the praise they are getting.

    Join and/or support Leu101 and particpate in the upcoming streetscape workshops in February.
    It's your community so get involved.



  17. One more thing....

    Somtimes no matter how right the project and the proponents, it can be derailed by a less than stellar contractor.

    In this case Bonsall Construiction Co. have done a great job getting the project done and working with the community/businesses.



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