Monday, November 26, 2007

NCTD to Cut Down Trees on L101

If you cruise northbound on the Leucadia coast highway you may notice glimpses of spray painted red X's on many of the eucalyptus trees that line the 101 and train tracks. A red X means the tree is going to be cut down. A green X means trimming. You may notice that some of the trees with red X's are obviously dry and dead, but several of them look vibrant and healthy. The NCTD counts 40 large trees on the 101, they have slated at least 7 of them (maybe more) for removal.

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The majority of this beautiful row of trees are marked with red X's and will be cut down. Probably because some are on that slight slope. I remember that in the early 90's a branch from one of these trees fell onto the railway during a storm.

This tree is marked with a green X, meaning trim branches. Of course, there have been many incidents in recent history where L101 trees that were supposed to be trimmed have been completely cut down.

The large tree on the left is obviously dead but the large tree on the right of the photo has a full green canopy, however it is marked to be cut down. The center tree has some green leaves but is also marked with a red X. When these trees are gone this section of L101 will look very dry, dusty and barren.
The large tree in the foreground is the only one that leaps out at you as a dead tree.

These three giants are to be removed despite only one of them appears to be dead by the layman's eye.

The NCTD fears that the trees on the left of the photo will fall onto the tracks. Nobody wants that to happen but the question is, can the older taller trees be trimmed and maintained with outright removal? Without the highway tree canopy the look, feel and ambiance of coastal Leucadia will drastically change.

Area residents enjoying the NCTD's Scorched Earth policy.

See the NCTD's budget projections on the ETA Blog, click here.


  1. Why now on cutting down the trees? Is the the beginning of the double and triple tracking? Why aren't residents getting more information from Jerome Stocks, the city represnetative to NCTD?

  2. Are those trees in the city right of way? The NCTD may be cutting city trees. Who has the maps showing the ownership of that property?

  3. Jerome is vindictive. He did not get his way in Leucadia and this retaliation is going to upset his developer supporters. Without the trees Leucadia is going to look like a third world junk yard. Property values in the area are going to sink. The appearance of the common areas has a big impact on the desirability of an area.

  4. email stocks.
    he is the one who can do something.
    email the whole council.
    we do not want healthy trees felled.
    if we do not act, the trimmers are making the decisions for us.
    please act now.

  5. No rest for the wicked. Jerome has a lot of blight to spread before Nov.'08

  6. Two of our City’s greatest problems are with NCTD and traffic. Who is supposed to be looking out for Encinitas best interest? Who is our representative to NCTD for the last 8 years including being the chair? Who is our representative for SANDAG?

    I know- It’s our own developer’s buddy Jerry Stocks!

    I think we need to ask Jerry some questions to see how he has performed in the last eight years as our representative:

    In the last eight years, why are all the trees in Leucadia disappearing along the roads and NCTD and why haven’t any been planted or watered? Lets ask Jerry!

    In the last eight years, why hasn’t any progress been made to grade separate the rail road tracks? I know - Lets ask Jerry.

    In the last eight years, why hasn’t anything been done to improve the death trap at Leucadia Boulevard / HW101, Vulcan, and Rail Road crossing.-Lets ask Jerry.

    In the last eight years, has traffic become so much worst? No need to ask Jerry, but we could ask him, “How does upzoning property help the traffic situation”?

    I know the developer’s love Jerry because he’s never met a rezone he doesn’t approve. I know the union’s love Jerry because he’s never met a salary increase or pension benefit he doesn’t approve. I know the special interests love Jerry, because he hasn’t met a trophy project that benefits a small group of special interests at the expense of the greater public. The question I have is do we Encinitas love the job Jerry is doing for Us? What has he done for Encinitas besides get up in huge debt with the loans for the trophy projects and pension liabilities?

  7. Let's start a "Just Ask Jerry" campaign. Signs bumper stickers, etc. This should tweak the interest of the silent majority and perhaps pull them into educating themselves before "Jerry" runs again.

  8. Should have never planted Eucalyptus trees in the first place!!

    They grow too fast and are too easy to fall.

  9. I know this a little off the topic of trees, although in a way it is not. I had posted someting on Jerome's blog and just for the fun of it logged onto to it again. Alas, it was not there anymore. It had been, now it's gone. So is the RSPB's suggestions as what could be done for Leucadia. I guess that blog does not belive in Free Speech. God help the trees, and the rest of us if these are the people running anything.

  10. What does Jerry get paid for each NCTD meeting he goes to? Isn't it a grand or so? And how many times a year does he go to one?

  11. Excuse my ignorence. Are Jerry and Jerome the same person? I have never heard him called Jerry so was just wondering.

  12. OK, now I am going crazy, so I will certify myself. My post, along with the RSPB's is back on Jerome's blog. This is interesting. Nevertheless, I will still stand by my orginal thesis that no living thing has a chance if Jerome is in power. And he will be Mayor in January. That is even more scary. I always have called him Jerome too. Do others call him Jerry? I like the bumper sticker idea, Although I think it should be "Ask Jerome?", as more people know him by that name.

  13. Anybody know where he gets those rosy cheeks? Try The Office in Cardiff unless he has changed. Maybe you can get answers when he has had a few adult beverages.

  14. Calling Jerome "Jerry" is a Neo Con thing, like Bush calling the FEMA guy "Brownie". hee hee

  15. I beleive Jerry is a nickname for Jerome.

    Like Dick is a nickname for Richard.

    Maybe Dick is a better nickname for Jerome.

  16. Can we paint a big RED X on Jerry or Dick or Jerome, whatever you want to call him?

  17. Oh man, if any of your points are valid, name calling isn't gonna gain any ground. Grow up. But I guess Jerry knew the job was dangerous when he took it and he'd one day be at the mercy of 7th graders on a blog.

  18. My lord! I just went to the NCTD website. Jerome is the Planning Committee Chairperson!!!

    No wonder NCTD is so screwed up.

    Asking Jerome to plan something successful for mass transit, is like asking a worm to plan a space shuttle mission. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  19. "Just Ask Jerry" will make people look to find out who "Jerry" is. When they inquire they find out about his record. We could have a just ask Jerry web-site for info about his exploits, his friends, his political contributors, etc.

  20. That’s pretty good.

    "Why does Encinitas have dangerous streets and staggering debt to contend with? - Just Ask Jerry at"

    Perfect- His record speaks for itself and if known by the masses will get someone else elected who hopefully truely loves Encinitas.

  21. The Just Ask Jerry idea is not going to fly for 2 reasons. No one knows Jerry is Jerome, and 2. who is going to do a blog and keep it up like J.P. does? Come on, we can do better than that. Educate the media. Go after Angela Lau and the NCTimes guy and the Coast News.That's where the action is. Let them know what is going on. It takes a lot of us to get them off their asses and do some real work. Let's help them out.

  22. I too am new. Several things . . . I like the idea of asking repeatedly - even a new question each week or month over and over and over. IMHO, we should use the Jerome Stocks name, full name relentlessly.

    But, it should be only one part of the approach. I agree with the last comment, involving the papers through letters and calls is a great idea. We have a year. And the weekly or monthly question to Jerome Stocks could be rolled into those letters, calls or protests. Just one point at a time, simple and clear - but multiplied by many and by frequency and by many outlets.

    Lastly, would someone be able to share a story or two where Leucadians won out over developer, monied, republican interests? I think it could be informative. And, I'd like to hear if it is even feasible to bother, you know.

  23. To Kate-

    Defeating ( no wamping) Prop A in Leucadia was the biggest win. 68% of public said Hell No. The issue; Develop Agriculture property dedicated in perpetuity to 100 homes for pure profit. The public would have received a new road and a pocket park. Oh joy!

    Local business people got on board and this blog was instrument in keeping people informed.

    A sad day for developer’s antics. A good day for Encinitas.

    Another win was getting Teresa Barth elected. She is pure sustainable Encinitas. Even though she lives in Cardiff, We Leucadians have bequeathed her the title of a Leucadian because she is such a good representative of how Encinitas should be lead.

    The Leucadia Town Council has many wins, and they are getting more effective with new leadership and boardmembers.
    Stay involved. Its the only way to better Encinitas. Otherwise it will look like a Carlsbox town. And the developers who build all the boxes will move to Del Mar or Solana Beach or somewhere else that doesn’t look like Carlsbox.

  24. Kate- What makes you think that only republicans are developers?? The biggest developer in San Diego is a liberal democrat named John Moores. He has developed the East Village and the ballpark and is making millions of dollars doing so. Not all developers are evil, not all developers are republican and not all developers want to destroy Leucadia!!

  25. There are many good developers in Leucadia. It is funny how some of those good developers are fighting the bad ones. It is even funnier how all those bad ones, like Ecke/Meyer, Harwood, and Barratt, seem to really like Jerome Stocks.

  26. ERRRR- David Meyer.

    No thats a bad developer funding the Jerome Stocks political act.

  27. Thanks for the response concerning successful campaigns. That was helpful.

  28. Eric, in Morro BayNovember 28, 2007 9:37 AM

    If all those trees come down, Leucadia will look like Morro Bay.

  29. At least you have a big awesome rock.

  30. eucs. were supposed to be the answer for fast growing railroad ties and planted out in other areas for that purpose about the same time. as it turned out they were a poor choice for tie material when planted in the northern hemis. they also were a poor long term choice for the coast highway as their life expectency and duribility is limited when compared to say an oak. their structure in winds is poor and their danger in fires is well known. again, i have a large inventory of assorted plant material that i will not be moving to fallbrook, they are not all cal natives but many are drought resistant and available free if leucadia can find a way to plant and irrigate the material without a landscape district tax being forced on the residents.

  31. Gil, What type of plant material are you talking about? Trees? If so, what varieties? Also, regarding the removal of the Eucs, what are the replacement plans? thanks

  32. i do not know of replacement plans for removed trees. i'm not well enuf informed on which plants would work but what i grow is on-line at and if i don't have enuf of some item i would plant more at no cost if i knew someone was going to plant and maintain them. i no longer grow oaks because of sudden oak death disease which, although not in this area yet, will probably work its way south in the next twenty years.

  33. I like Torrey Pines. Natives that grow fast with water, and can survive without much water.

  34. Torrey Pines are an obvious replacement for the Eucs.

    Lets ask, "Why are the eucs coming down?"
    The only way to prove is a tree is safe, is structure and "root"inspection.
    If the tree has a disease,
    WHAT disease?
    If the pruning was correct, would it help stablize the tree?

  35. Take your good questions to the city offices, down by the train station.
    put pressure on the city arborist, the street supervisor.
    It will help!
    What is this so called tree disease I keep hearing about?


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