Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NOOOOooooo! Not Yardage Town!!!

Yardage Town has been around since before I was born. I can't believe it's closing down *sob*.


  1. Is it the Yardage Town on Santa Fe? Is the commercial area under redevelopment? Is another business from the shopping center relocating?

  2. Yes, the one off Santa Fe. Is the one next to Tool Depot off El Camino Real closing too?

  3. That is not in Leucadia

  4. I remember shopping there when I was in high school (70's) and then going next door to Thrifty's to buy a 10 cent ice cream cone!! Those were the days and will be missed.

  5. I was just there (50% off everything), and they said their rent had been raised and that's why they hadda move. The one near El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd is staying.

    Hey, there's an ACE Hardware store in the Lumberyard in downtown Encinitas, (it's been open two weeks),and it's true what the jingle says-"Ace is the place with friendly hardware man".

  6. Won't you take me to, Yardage Town?
    Won't you take me to, Yardage Town?Ya-ardage Town.

  7. Way cool about Ace Hardware. I'll check it out. I hate going to Home Depot. And so what if Yardage Town isn't in Leucadia? We are all in this together, whichever of the communities we happen to live in. I love this blog and I live in Old Encinitas. Thanks J.P. for keeping it alive.I wouldn't know half the stuff that's going on without it. I loved Mary's report on smoking. And that isn't just Leucadia. I also think Leucadia is wonderful. However, there are other things happening in Encinitas besides just in Leucadia. I know this says LeucadiaBlog, but citizens from all over post here. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to express themselves. Something the Council certainly doesn't give. I vote we give J.P. some kind of an award and put it on the City Council calendar. Sort of like those kids who went to our sister City that I can't pronounce. We could give him the Citizen of the Year Award. He does more to inform than the newspapers or the Council.

  8. win some, lose some... Retail is a tough business to be in.

    mfleener, I agree Ace is cool, great store for old Encinitas. Less need to go to Home Depot on El Camino.

    We are all on this together I agree as well.

    Heard that Pacific Station made announcement today that Whole Foods is goming to Hwy 101 in downtown.

    a hardware store and a great market downtown...now if we could only get our drugs downtown.

    Prescription that is...

  9. Whole Foods aka Henry's will be moving downtown or have two stores in Encinitas?

  10. yeh there has been some bank like aqusitions in this area. I think Whole Foods bought Wild Oats and Smart and Final bought Henrys.

    So, its Whole foods like Wild Oats.

  11. whoa,
    pretty big story on the blog first if it's true! I have not read about this in the papers.

    Is that the old Pacific View school site? That would seem to be the only place big enough and logical sincce its surrounded by reseidential.

  12. Rumor has it that Wild Oats bought out Whole Foods. I hadn't heard about Smart and Final buyng Henry's. Rumor also has it that Pacific View School could be where some kind of commercial property, such as a wild Oats Store is being looked at.

  13. Pacific Station will replace the tin building on 101.

  14. No rumor- Jerome Stocks wants to upzone the Brown property and others making profit for his developer friends at the public expense. Do we need or want more homes, more traffic and water use?

    And don't give me that “where will your kids live” crap. We only had two and they can support themselves. Its called Zero Pollution Growth and is the responsible thing to do. One of our kids already bought and owns a home in Encinitas. The other will soon. They bought it from a family who’s parents both died. Hence no need for continuing the over development of Encinitas. Zero pollution growth is actually good for the economy and the environmental health of our country.

    Stop the madness-Vote for someone other than Jerome Stocks in 2008!

  15. Let's get seriousNovember 21, 2007 9:43 AM

    Who is going to run for Council in 2008? Come on folks. It is later than you think. Perhaps J.P. can do a poll on who the bloggers think should run? Then we can all hound them to do it:)I will start by nominating Mary. She seems well informed, and isn't intimidated by the folks at City Hall. Besides, I like her art.

  16. Even before I moved here I bought fabric at Yardage Town on Sante Fe. I was visiting my son and doing a weekend makeover of his Leucadia apartment. This is so sad.

    But, a lovely concession prize is an Ace Hardware. Just last night I was looking on the Ace Hardware website to find the nearest store - and the database spit out the one in Solana Beach. My plan was to drive there today. Great!

    Better yet is if someone on this blog knows where I can get a thermometer. I intend to use it inside my home to tell temperature. Anyone?

    And to be able to buy bulk foods downtown without having to drive - big bonus. I love this place, thanks J.P.

  17. I love Yardage Town, too, and will be very sad to see it go.

    Who cares if it's in Leucadia?

    Yardage Town is part of this city's history, my personal history.

    I'm so sorry.

    Unfortunately, with the development of Pacific Station and Pacific View, there will not be enough parking for the condos, single family residences, and offices that come with this "mixed use."

    Where will the Whole Foods people park? Seven spaces are being taken off the street. There is not enough parking for the residents, their visitors and a Whole Foods Store, too.

    ZPG = Zero Population Growth, but you're right, more people crammed into denser quarters equals more pollution.

  18. If I were 40 years younger I would buy a rickshaw bike (maybe even the new electric model) and peddle people from parking lots to local attractions. We have so many cars for such a tiny strip of community.

  19. Teri Rodewald for city council.

    Mom of the year. Has a great mind. Artist. Long term resident 25+ years. She would be perfect.


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