Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 7th Council Meeting Video not available

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"The November 7th Council Meeting Video will not be available until Tuesday November 13th. We apologize for any inconvenience"

I confess, I have not watched any of the council meeting videos on the city website since they began. In fact, I can't even find the videos on the city website.

City of Encinitas official website

Let the conspiracy theories begin...!


  1. So how did it get lost? All of the other Council meetings were posted the next day. Conspiricy-how about this one? Jerome doesn't want his comments about attempting to give away attorney/client privilege put on a video. Glen doesn't want it shown either, just to spice the discussion up.

  2. I hope Nixon's secretary isn't working at the city. We may end up with another 18 minute gap! Let's keep it away from Parks and Rec too. They'll take a chain saw tot he tapes.

  3. Classic example. No explanation given.

  4. I can't find the video section on the city website either. Little help.

  5. Jerome was having a "bad hair" day...?

  6. Look on the bottom of the city's home page. Look for "video archive"

  7. It is curious that the one session where Jerome attempted to break the law by reveling attorney/client privilege, should be the one video that is not showing up the next day. I am not a big believer in conspiricy theories, however, I do believe that it is possible that this one might be edited with that information left out. It could ruin the political career that he so desperately wants. I guess we will have to wait and see. I am going to see if they still have DVD's at City Hall of the Council meetings. If they do, I will purchase one and get back to all of you. City Hall is closed today, so I will try tomorrow. Perhaps the video will be up by then?

  8. Supposedly the video company is the one responsible for the problem. However, don't believe everything you hear at City Hall (in case you did). There is more to this than meets the eye. That's all I can say without revealing who I am. I am not interested in losing my job.

  9. Why does the city have an ongoing contract with a video company?

    Dear City,
    Next time hire an expert to show you how to set up the system, then do it yourself. It is not rocket science.

  10. I've never seen a video on their website either, let alone a "late" one. And (rickie baucker)one thing is sure, Jerome has never had a bad hair day.

    But I did just hear that tomorrow (Tuesday 11-13-07) at 4:30pm in Council Chambers at City hall he is seeking to make the entire SMOKING BAN fail - merely by adding that people cannot smoke within 50 ft of a business in Encinitas.
    We should insist that only
    the portion of the ban...beaches, trails, parks, that HAS received public input be addressed. 'Businesses' can be added later if there public
    support for that.
    We'll see...

  11. There has been "streaming viedeos" on the website for approximately the last 6 months. I have watched them. Link onto the City's website and go to viedo archives. You will find Planning Commission as well as City Council meetings. All except last Wednesdays.

  12. Rumor has it,

    Where have you been? Delayed release of information is very common from this city. Sometimes it never gets out.

  13. How right the last blogger is. Be careful, be very very careful Dr. Lorri.

  14. Glen Sabine and Jerome Stocks really don't like Dr. Lorri and I agree she should be careful.She is stepping on to many toes.

  15. I love Dr. Lorri, and I'm glad she takes the time to follow what's going on at City Hall, and posts here.

    She will not be manipulated with fear.


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