Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Orpheus Old Growth Destroyed

The massive old growth Torrey Pine tree that welcomed visitors at the east gateway to Leucadia has been removed.

Leucadia Blog: Iconic Leucadia Torrey Pine getting removed!


  1. Great. We loose a beautiful tree, and $5,000,000.00 that could have been used on existing City problems. What about the needs of downtown leucadia, Encinitas and Cardiff? What about the drainage problems and unsafe roads? What about the unsafe railroad crossings? What about the lowering the tracks?

    The fire department guys get a really nice place to sleep, BBQ, watch movies, and hang out when there not on a call during their 9 shifts per month.

    Does this seems right? Why is the City buidinig first class facilities for its staff when the residents needs are being ignored?

  2. The city needs a replacement program.
    There was a lot of talk after the Leucadia Park trees were felled. I see no reason that we should not demand that trees that are cut down,live or dead, be replaced. There seems to be a whole lot of trees gone, dead trees and plans to take more down, although some are dieing naturally. Trees that were planned to be saved and were not on Leucadia Blvd should be replaced elsewhere, if needed. If the city, or contractor of the city cuts down a tree in Leucadia, it should be replaced with an equal diameter of new trees, somewhere inLeucadia.
    I want my kids to enjoy Leucadia with it's heritage trees and tree canopy intact. If action is not taken, this won't happen.

    I think our guys should have proper digs but there seems to be huge leap from what they had and $5 big ones.

  3. Bookmarked that site.
    Thanks JP.
    If we all ordered 10 and there were more than 10 of us, we would have over 100 trees.
    That seems easy.
    If there were 100 of us we could get 1000 trees and the city couldn't keep up with us.
    Let's get some trees for the north entry sign area.

  4. I heard that the new Fire McMansion on Orpheus will only sleep three firemen at a time! At a cost of over four million dollars. Is it 5 million now? Unbelievable.

    They are having an extra bed in each of their private bedrooms for visiting fire fighters, so up to six could sleep over? This is a bunch of dirty politics being foisted upon us by the big spending incumbents, with the exception of Teresa Barth, who did not vote, but abstained, because she was not part of the initial planning and manuevering on this issue.

    Our City's operating expenses, and expenses for capital improvements are out of control.

  5. Is it true that Bob Bonde is going to do the ribbon cutting for the new fire station?


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