Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pizza on L101

There is a new pizza place on the north Leucadia 101 coastal corridor. Joey's Famous New York Pizza replaces Jimmy Mac's Pizza. They are just south of the Royal Inn and liquor store.

These poor guys, their brand new sign got wrecked during installation. They are pretty bummed about it.

Call for deliveries, support local Leucadia pies.

FYI, they are cash only.


  1. at least its not starbucks, taco bell, or Mcdonalds!

    I'll go there just to support them.

  2. Don't forget Leucadia Pizza. They have been with us a long time.

  3. I can't for the life of me know why Leucadia Pizza has been around so long. They are the "Denny's" of Italian slop. Hell, they don't even make good slop. The pizza crusts tastes like they are made out of old donuts, the red sauce could etch metal plates and the alfredo, (white sauce), has the consistancy of schoolroom chalk. The only other place that's worse is Borelli's. Oh, about once a year, I give 'em another chance and get a pizza to go or go there for the lunch special and it's nothing special.

    I'll give the new guys a try. The last pizza place was very good. Three bucks got you a slice, a salad and a drink.

  4. I guess some of us just have terible taste. I like Leucadia Pizza. I also like the people that work there. It's nice to have variey for all of us. That's what makes us who we are I guess.

  5. Cash only? That won't last or they won't last.

  6. Cash only- Haaa. What type of currency, the ever weakening US Dollar?

    You better spend it quick...inflation is about to hit BIG TIME.....

    In the next few years, your dollar will be equivalent to a peso, Amigo!

    Governments like people can only take on so much debt before serious consequences occur. The US, State and now local governments (like your little Encinitas) are like an out of control trophy wife that has maxed out the credit cards on plastic surgery..... Repercussions are about to mortals... just ask Michael Jackson how peaceful he feels these days. I didn't realize how stupid humans really are! HA HA Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Debt kills.... many people and cities will be dying in the next few years.

    Americans are the funniest humans to watch on this planet. Keep up the act. its not new, but its VERY amusing…..Americans is following the ways of the Greek Empire and will soon meet the same fate! HA HA HAAaaaaa!

    Better order Pizza today, before the tax man takes the last of your cash.

  7. mfleener- You are an intolerant pizza snob!! Where do you get off telling anyone what is good vs bad pizza.
    Why don't you open your own pizza store?? Then you can fill it with you lousy art!!! ( Oh to describe your art as lousy would expose myself as being intolerant to your art, can't have that, I'll just express my opinion by NOT buying your art, and I've been asked to purchase your stuff many times!!!). If you say Leucadia pizza is bad and Borelli's is worse, well there has to be some good in them. They are 2 of the most successful restaurants in the city.

    AS you say, 3 dollars is your limit, can't imagine you know good food if it came up and kicked you in the ass!!

  8. No wonder JP shut down the blog for a while. None of you flamers have the BALLS to use your real names. And judging from your quaint syntax, spelling and sentence structure, none of you got more than a "C-" in basic high school English. You were probably good at school yard bullying, however.

    You've been asked to buy my art many times...?

    Of COURSE you have.

    Also, I didn't say three dollars was my limit. See, you can't read too well, either. Pity.

  9. Although I disagree with Mary's assessment of Leucadia Pizza, I do think that she has a point about sniping at one another. I REALLY don't want this blog shut down again, so perhaps, out of respect for J.P, we could at least speak or ,in this case write, civially to one another. I am afraid I don't know Mary's work, since no one has offered to sell one to me. I am hurt!

  10. Residence of Leucadia! Have you ever seen a dangerous traffic situation and reported it to the sheriff department , but the lady on the other line makes you feel like you're the guilty party with
    a loose screw? Aren't my taxes paying this woman's salary? Could a citizen get any respect for reporting a public safety issue? The safety issue is drivers' heading northbound on 101 making a left turn at Seabluff , but instead, continuing northbond in the southbond lanes another 50 yards to acess the mobile gas station . I've seen this happen on four different occasions. Someone is going to get hurt!

  11. Watchen the trees goNovember 09, 2007 11:41 PM

    Damm- I wish you wouldn't have brought that up. Now the City is going to take out more Old Growth Euc Trees. Any reason is good enough for the City to cut em down.

  12. In my opinion the best pizza in Encinitas is Today's Pizza in the Vons shopping center off Santa Fe Dr (just east of the roundabout).

    Did you hear that two Leucadia Pizza employees were robbed at gun point the other night? That sucks. Is armed robbery going to be a growing trend in Encinitas? There has been more than a few the last couple of years.

  13. I'm a different JP, one without initials, I moved out of Leucadia when my son was 3 weeks old, he's now 7 and I really miss it. His name is Joey and I love New York style pizza. I was wondering if they have t-shirts or bumper stickers? I would love one.

  14. I believe this place is now closed...bummer!


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