Thursday, November 22, 2007

Please Post a Comment on Jerome's Blog

Encinitas city councilman and NCTD board member Jerome Stocks is one of the bloggers over at the Red County Blog.

His latest post complains about the lack of comments from the public so please click here and leave a comment for our friend and leader Jerome.


  1. A little jealous of the Leucadia Blog Jerome?

  2. Jeromes Blog PostNovember 22, 2007 3:57 PM

    OK So without wanting to sound like Senator Kennedy or Bob Dole (where's the outrage!!!") Does anybody actually read this blog? The last several posts have had merit, but have had no comment.. What fun is that?

    Posted by Jerome Stocks on November 20, 2007 at 10:16 PM |


    Posted by: holiday, old boy | November 20, 2007 at 11:24 PM

    Yes, we're here. WE're just vewy vewy quiet.

    Posted by: Dave | November 21, 2007 at 01:05 AM

    ...says the man who never, ever comments

  3. I don't know what the rules are regarding swear words on Jerome's blog, so I kept it pretty clean, although it wasn't easy.

    Is there a bigger turd on the city council than Stocks?? I mean really now the man has all this power with NCTD and he does nothing, NOTHING for Encinitas. Can't even have a bench to sit on while waiting for the bus!! What a joke this man is, the entire council for that matter!! Every damn one of them is awful!!! Just awful!!! Makes me sick, I need to go and barf up 6 pack!!

    Giving thanks that I don't have to share a beer with any city council member, it's your RSPB!!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up JP. Jerome will provide plenty of fodder for the next campaign.

  5. Great true comments on the link. Thanks for the link.

    The recent so called "republicans" have destroyed the party.

    A new party needs to emerge to restore the true fiscally conservative yet socially moderate society.

    With republicans like Jerome Stocks, Duke Jr- oh I mean Brian Bilbray, Duke Cunningham, and silver spoon GW Bush; our country could not have greater enemies. these guys spend like trophy wives, but the sugar daddy is the public - our wallet.

    Vote them all out next election.

    Lets get some people willing to talk about existing DEBT and the long term liabilities of our government!

  6. Barry Jantz who is one of the bloggesr wrote a zinger response,

    "Jerome, in case it was a serious question, people all the time tell me they read RCSD...I ask them why they don't comment...typical answer: "I read it for info and updates, I have no interest in commenting."

    Because Barry is one of the bloggers he should have full access to the website data and be able to say exactly how many people are reading redcounty.

    Classic manipulation.. No wonder he co-blogs with Jerome.

  7. I just checked out this Leucadia blog (note: that blog has a posting encouragning its readers to blast Stocks on this blog), and when combined with the comments here: it is a joke. That blog is dedicated to crying over trees, claiming conspiracy theories that the Encinitas Council is out to get them, and jerk off Whole Foods. Yet, the posts on this blog that were encouraged by the Leucadia blog seem to oppose greater fire fighting capacity (a tough position to hold in 2007), greater educational resources (library), and are looking for a road system that aids in everyone's ability to increase their respective carbon footprints while criticizing NCTD's efforts to improve public transportation. Typical empty liberal rhetoric. I really hope that these people are the face of the opposition to Jerome Stocks' re-election.

  8. The Poster "HR Puffnstuff" is definitely puffin something.

    He pretty much concedes that Stocks is a big spender similar to Bush. Maybe Stocks should join the Democratic Party. He would be more true to his roots. Huge government spending and support the unions at all costs even if it kill the future of our government

  9. Lets ask Jerry why Encinita has such huge debt and no money for capital project. Could it be from all the union salary and pension increases Jerry!

    You should be posting on Flaming Blue Country!

  10. i'm gonna make my own journal


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