Monday, November 19, 2007

Sign On San Diego Covers Leucadia Tree Memorial

A tree falls in Leucadia... and a memorial springs up

"Say what you want about Leucadians but the folks who live in the small beach community nestled between Interstate 5 and the Pacific Ocean definitely love their trees.

After an old Torrey Pine was cut down last week on a vacant lot on Orpheus Avenue an impromptu shrine memorializing it quickly appeared.

Dozens of flowers were placed in front of the property which sits just south of Leucadia Boulevard and several signs and posters were affixed to the chain link fence.

Messages ranged from proclamations of love for the tree as well as words of - well, not love - for the property owners."

click here (includes photos)

Leucadia Blog: Orpheus Tree Shrine


  1. Encinitas ResidentNovember 19, 2007 8:46 PM

    I would like to see a memorial for Jerome Stock's lost Council position in 2008.

    It could say, “To all the houses, water meters and additional traffic that could have burdened our city from all the upzoning Jerome would have approved- you will all be missed. The developers cry every night for your lost. Booo Hooo Hooo"

  2. You dumbshits!! The city purposely removes a healthy tree from LRSP and has yet to replace it and is there any shrine or memorial to the park and the fallen tree?? No!!! Just an empty dirt patch where a healthy tree should be located!!!

    PRIVATE PROPERTY owners remove a tree that they own and you all lose your f***ing heads over it!! You people make me insane!!! This is why I drink, because of dumbshit morons like yourselves!! And, AAAANNNNNDDDDD, you cut some living flowers and left those as a tribute to a cut down tree??? YOU cut up some flowers to memorialize a cut up tree???? YOU PEOPLE ARE FUNKING INSANE!!!!!! Aren't you the same nuts that go around with your bumper sticker " An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!!" Yet a cut down flower for a cut down tree is somehow OK, I guess I'm just missing something here, I guess I'm not enlightened enough!! What I really guess is I'M NOT DRUNK ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND YOUR FUNKING LOGIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    And while you've got me so pissed off, who gives a shit about Lynn and her problems?? IF she can't say what she needs to say in 3 minutes then perhaps she should organize her thoughts first before she spills her guts before the city council!!! And further more, if it can't be said in 3 minutes it's probably not worth saying the first place!!!

    Now leave me alone while I get good and drunk on the funking logic that can only be found in LEUCADIA!!!

    Staggering up and down the new sidewalks( I noticed that the red no parking stripe has been removed at Diana and 101, I smell a rat with a paint brush) it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!!

  3. I think all those whiners should plant a Torrey Pine in their yard. Then maybe we would have one tree, because I will bet most of them don't have their own yard. They are probably renters because if they worked hard enough to afford a home here they wouldn't have enough time to whine about someone else cutting down their tree.

    I say take all the trees down so we can all have oceanviews.

  4. RSPB has a point!




  6. WHy is this J.P's fault?

  7. This is JP's fault because he promotes this type of pothead behavior. I even believe that he set this up himself and snapped photos to stir up his site. There was even comparison of this to casualties in the Iraq war, something that should be considered treason and jailed over.

  8. Yeah, I got time to make tree memorials. Riiiiight. I barely have time to blog about it.

  9. If you don't like the comments here again JP - then you can just lock out all anonymous users again and kill your site.

    It was pathetic after the lock out. You use to get dozens of posts on 1 subject and then after the lock out 2 post by the same people.

  10. treason?

    This is off topic but which President gave into almost all of Osama's demands? Did the US get out of Saudi Arabia or not? Do you even know what Osama demanded? Which President made up fairy tales about what Osama was trying to accomplish?

  11. There are some people who want to kill this blog.

  12. Be mindful of post comments that make Leucadia look bad. It's a propaganda war.

  13. Interesting.
    Some people are so pissed off they want to kill this blog, but no one is willing to take care of our treasonous president George "Hitler" Bush.

  14. I wish I had known they were going to cut down that torrey. I've always wanted to make furniture out of torrey pine but it's rare that one is felled.

  15. RSPB- a week after the wrong tree(s)at the park were chopped, someone put up a piece of paper with a cryptic quote on it. I didn't get it. Did anyone else see that?

  16. Ricky B.- I saw that note, noting gets past me, It's my park!!! The note was nothing but gibberish. Some wild quote from the 1800's, placed there by an idiot or two.

    MEANWHILE.... over 1 month later, still no trees in the park, wasn't the tree company going to replace the trees with something comparable??

    Where is the L101 Association??
    Where is the Leucadia Town Council?
    Where is funking Johnny Appleseed when you need him??


  17. I saw the note too Ricky B. My interpretation of the passage is that it was written or quoted by a woman who hates men because; they invented chainsaws and therefore are responsible for the trees being cut down. The jist was: no men, no cry.

    And for RSPB's info, the L-101 and LTC have had extensive meetings with city staff (and Mr. Wisnewski - who was also with People For Trees) regarding not only replacement of the trees that were lost but canopy replenishment for the entire N. Coast Hwy 101 corridor beginning at Encinitas Blvd.

    And it's not capitalistically correct, but I for one think apple trees would be pretty cool on 101! Probably where the term "Freeloader" came from (before THEY stealthfully made planting fruit trees in public verboten.)Bummer.

  18. Roadside- it's pretty disheartening when the Larry Watt, the head of the Planning Dep't cheerfully tells us at a meeting that there's "currently no replacement plan" for trees. Our groups are expected to go to every friggin' meeting and write nice little letters...then we do that, and still no action. It's annoying and it's ridiculous how the city is dragging their feet on the trees, the railroad crossing, you name it. And the NCTD is a faceless entity that adds another layer to this sluggish process.

    Teresa Barth is trying as much as she can to envigorate the dialouge between the citizens and the city staff. Wow, a city council person who actually gives a sh*t.

    Thanks for having this blog, JP. Everyone reads it. You know it, and I know it.

    So, if one of you staffers are reading this: look, we know you are doing your job,and we don't hate you! But goddamnit, why are we being treated like children?!!? Ya'll seem to forget that it's OUR TAX DOLLARS that allow you a paycheck every week,(not to mention 23 vacation days, and every other Friday off).

    OK, end of rant.

  19. Mary F,

    You will be rewarded.

  20. JP, you and this blog are appreciated by everyone who posts here. Some people do like the anonymous comments. They don't post under their own name, or even a consistent blogger name, because that gives them the courage (or liquid courage as in our resident bum's case) to post their put downs of everyone else. Funny how rspb thinks no one but him has had or has a job.

    We all know some of these comments, above, and I notice they are repeated on the Sign-On San Diego blog, are hateful. I suspect "Jack" could be Jerome Stokes, frankly.

    Most longtime Leucadians, or anyone in North County, cherishes our trees. We are hoping to have a tree ordinance to protect mature old growth trees such as this.

    Some of these blogger comments are what churn up a lot of angry feelings. Why is pot associated with someone who appreciates trees and our environmental heritage? Jack and Mikey, on Sign On SD are trying to change the subject. Wasn't that tree cut down for the new McMansion fire dept? I hear that only three men on a shift will be sleeping at the station, and that over four million dollars is being spent on this one site alone? Someone seems like he is obsessed about potheads, and is trying to take attention away from the subject of the article, the unnecessary destruction of a tree.

    Anyway, happy Thanksgiving, JP, and all of you who care about our community.

  21. Lynn was talking about each public speaker signing up for oral communications being allowed three minutes, even if there are more than five speakers.

    I agree, 15 minutes total seems unfair, when Council's time to make comments is unlimited.

  22. I think Lynn was fuc-ed up when she wrote that.

    What she was trying to say was:

    "Jerome Stocks is under the control of the Encinitas Fire Department Union. Do your own homework and find out the truth. He is evil for Encinitas!!!'


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