Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweet, Crisp Leucadia Fall 2007

Another classic Thanksgiving weekend in Leucadia, the western edge of the home of the brave and the land of the free. Notice the copious amount of sand--not a cobble stone in sight. Photo taken this evening.


  1. Does this mean that Steve Aceti has no chance of being elected to city council?

    Search the Leucadia blog for Steve Aceti or link to

  2. Yeah, I kept wondering what beach people were talkin about with cobbles again.
    I also have an issue with the claim that 2001 was THE big year here for sand replenishment. It may have been a year a lot of money was thrown at sand, but my memory is that when the Batiquitos Lagoon was restored and re-opened to tidal flow in 1995, THAT'S what boosted and has helped maintain sand on all beaches south (regardless of the quantities of sand dumped on Moonlight Beach that is better suited for sandpaper). For weeks, huge pipes ran continuously night and day as the lagoon was dredged, pumping megatons of silky sand into the soup. Why did that happen? It was a multi-million dollar project that was mitigation for someone's other unnatural project up north that went awry.
    If anyone lived here pre 1995, you may recall why the Batiquitos was called a sleugh. Ewwwwwww. I'm certain the Batiquitos is a lot healthier now. Not sure about the San Elijo lagoon in Cardiff though. (or "Cardiff by the sleugh", as it was affectionately called)
    Must be a slow year for campaign issues if you have to fabricate some.

  3. Steve Aceti has as much chance of getting elected in Encinitas as Jerome Stocks has of being re-elected to a third term.

  4. You guys are fooling yourself. The only people that won't vote for Stocks are the people reading this blog.

    I believe that the silent majority in Encinitas go to work every day and love living here. They don't have time to find out what guys like Stocks are doing to our city. As long as they are happy and go to the beach on the weekend they think the city is doing fine.

    If we don't educate them outside this blog all the guys will be returned to office.

  5. Before we take out Jerome, we need a candidate willing to go out and about to meet the "general population". Hopefully, that person is out there and just not wanting to show his or her cards yet. The Little People managed to get Teresa into office. So it can be done.

  6. There is a short list of people who have expressed an interest in running for council. None wants to announce yet. It's too early. The knives would come out and they would be cut to pieces by Jerome Stocks, Doug Long, and their moneyed backers.

    Jerome Stocks is more vulnerable than ever. He only needs to keep putting his foot in his mouth. He seems good at that recently. Watch him closely when the Handcuff Ordinance comes up for the second reading. He seems intent on quashing free speech.

  7. It was a glorious day at the beach and Grandview had the bonus of the sand labyrinth at it.
    Regarding Cobblestones:
    I walked the beach from
    Grandview to Moonlight - searching for cobblestones (I want to create a fountain in my yard). I finally found one.

  8. I predict Jerome will be re-elected because Bob Nanninga runs and splits the environmental vote from the community preservationists. We know the builders are courting him to run again like they did in 2002. That's what cost Dennis Holz re-election in 2002.

  9. Wouldn't it be great if RSBP ran for council !

  10. According the Jim Bond the Free Speech Ordinance is up before Council on Dec. 12th. However, it is possible that he is not telling me the truth nd it cold be read on Dec. 5th. Watch the Council agenda's and be sure. Without a strong protest from the citizens this will pass. Jim described it to me in an e-mail as just a "housekeeping detail. Angela Lau told me that the sheriff put it on the agenda. That can't be done without a COuncil member putting it on the agenda. This is more than about Lynn and Russel. This affects all of us.

  11. Uh oh! I didn't check all of my spellings. Sorry spelling police. A clerical error. I am allowed a pass, as I have the flu.

  12. It's amusing that we should have "Stocks and Bond(s)" on the council...

    Anybody remember the Surfrider(?) plan to rebuild 101 (and the RR) on an elevated roadway spanning part of the San Elijo lagoon mouth?
    It was designed to prevent Winter highway closure, improve tidal flushing in the lagoon, and help with sand replenishment. Would be expensive but there are Federal Highway funds available.

    Just dreamin'

  13. anon 9:25,

    Surfrider dropped that idea because it was totally dumb. Not well thought out or researched.

    They had no idea what they were talking about which is typical of surfrider. It would not help with sand replenishment and maybe it would make things worse in the long run.

  14. Everyone who can should come to the December 5th Council Meeting.

    They will be discussing whether or not the City is violating the Brown Act, which is California Government Code.

    The City is violating statutory law with respect to the Govt. Code, as it did with the California Environmental Quality Act. Far too many projects are given "mitigated negative impact declarations." That is bogus.

    The City has either not been giving any notice or reports of its closed session actions, or has been giving inadequate 24 hr. notice, and reporting its actions long after the fact, without revealing the vote at the time the action was taken.

    For example, James Bond told us that the City considered about 35 properties for the Public Works yard. A records request shows this to be another lie. And the City did not reveal that it has NO contracted appraiser. Apparently the only appraisal for the Mossy Property was through Mossy's people. And that appraisal kept changing for what was promoted as "turn-key." James Bond was not honest about that, either. He has since said he knew it was not turn-key.

    However, the newspapers said it was turn-key, at the time, and the Coast News reported the appraisal at $8.5 million. That amount went up by a million for outdated buildings that we have to pump millions more into? Our water bill is going up anyway. SDWD paid $3.5 million of our ratepayers' money for "rights of use," after losing its headquarters to the City's vanity library project.

    Why couldn't we have negotiated with Pacific View to buy that property from the School District? I never heard one neighbor there object about the Public Works Yard. The work is not done on site, obviously.

    If the Police Intimidation ordinance is not on the consent calendar again on December 5th, anyone who puts in a speaker slip can still address that topic. And anyone speaking at oral communications should be allowed three minutes, each. Reasonable time allowed is part of the Brown Act, too.

    What Council has done, before, is to marginalize the messengers, calling them "the usual suspects." If more people come out and speak, show the City we want to be involved, and that we are observing their "antics" then we can regain some control of our own community's growth, and our ability to participate without fear of reprisal.

  15. This is a beautiful photo and should remind us that we have a lot to be thankful for...including where we live. Too bad that everyone needs to make it politic. Take it for what it is...Mother Nature at her best!

  16. anon 9:51,

    The Lagoon Conservancy spends a lot of money keeping the lagoon mouth open and putting the sand back at Cardiff. The current "S" configuration of the mouth impedes both sand flow and tidal flushing. Sounded like a good idea to move the mouth south of the restruants and widen it, vis a vis the Del Mar rivermouth. The old Cardiff bridge will need to be replaced in the near future -- why not build the new one at Georges? I don't necessarily support Surfrider's plan; what's the alternative?


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