Tuesday, December 04, 2007

80% Chance of Rain for Friday/Leucadia Nights

This Friday is Leucadia Nights, a "walkabout" style event where Leucadia coast highway merchants stay open late and the community is encouraged to have dinner and cruise around Leucadia.

The plan is to set up a movie screen in the Leucadia Roadside Park and show surf movies and play vinyl records and have a good time.

Only one problem, every weather forecast website and news channel is forecasting rain for Friday.

According to Weather Underground Dot Com there is an 80% chance of rain between the 4 o'clock and 10 o'clock hours. Just as bad if not worse are the 17 mph winds that are predicated for Friday evening.

We'll have to play it by ear but there is an 80% chance there will not be surf movies in the roadside park this Friday.


  1. I'll bring the Victoria Secrets models.

  2. Don't let the rain dampen your participation! Seal's brining the models, I'll bring the rafts! Everybody show up!

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  4. Now you are getting spam in Spanish?

    JP, please check out the Local section of yesterday's NCT. There's a good article in there about tonight's City Council Meeting.

    Please come, if you can. This affects open government in our city.

  5. J.P. Is that a pic the RSPB in Lake Leucadia?

  6. Lynn,

    I'd love to come!

    But I am only coming if you promise to speak to at least 4 issues and then blab on and on without a coherent message!

    It would be great to see if it is true that you can make people feel sorry for the council. You must be the only one who can do that!

    It's going to be cool!

  7. I don't think people felt sorry, just grumpy because Jerome, Dan and Jim are too stubborn to admit they are wrong, and have been.

    You are not JP, and you are no one to say anyone is not coherrent.

    Citizens who support open government were there until almost 11:30 p.m. Many of them spoke for regaining the public trust, including Maggie and Teresa.

    Keep calling other people names and putting them down to avoid the issue. We are not avoiding it; people are waking up. Jerome and Dan showed their true colors.

  8. I am with Lynn on this one. I think Dan and Jerome are both bad for Encinitas. They both don't have any vision. They just repeat what staff from NCTD and SANDAG say. The problem is NCTD and SANDAG staff are the flunkies that couldn't make it in the real world so they took the cozy government socially subsidize job. They are not the brightest in their class.

    Be smart; don't think staff knows more than you. They are typically not the brightest in their class. And their like parrots- they don’t think with common sense they just repeat what they’ve heard.


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