Thursday, December 13, 2007

All Eyes on Jerome Stocks in 2008

Longtime city councilman Jerome Stocks is shredding his Deputy Mayor sash and stepping in as the full fledged mayor of Encinitas.

Bond steps down, Stocks steps up as Encinitas mayor

2008 is the Year of Jerome. Even though Jerome has been around for a long time he has never really stepped up to the plate and emerged as a leader of men. The majority of the Leucadia old school views him as back room sneak who toadies up to his developer cronies. How much of this is true isn't really important. With a 2008 election looming the perception of Jerome in Leucadia could make or break him. As a board member of the NCTD which is largely viewed as hostile towards Leucadia Jerome is viewed as a weak Yes Man. It could help Jerome a lot if he stood up at one of the NCTD meetings and demanded that the Scorched Earth policy towards Leucadia ended i.e. removing the hideous orange sandbags at Leucadia Blvd. This may go nowhere but it would be a refreshing moment of symbolism for large base of Leucadia voters.

Of course, attitudes towards Dan Dalager began to turn sour in Leucadia and Dan was still re-elected. But Jerome doesn't have the roots or the Andy Griffith appeal of Dalager. It may really weigh on who is running against Jerome and for Bond's empty seat in 2008. There is a chance that Doug Long and Tom Brown could slip in and nudge Jerome out. But, if Jerome can shed his "Jerry" persona and start working with Leucadians and with 101 Coordinator, Peder Norby on L101 issues it could be the re-start of a beautiful relationship.


  1. OMG! Dalager DOES have Andy Griffith appeal! That's such an on-the-money description. Anyway, Jerome has seemed to be a slick, game-show-host kind of say-anything guy ever since he ran for the Encinitas school board. At heart, he's an insurance salesman who loves development. Not so much "re-development" as "development". He just doesn't come across as sincere when I see him speak at council meetings. I don't know, I just get the impression that he's just phoning it in, while really keeping his eye on some larger political prize (or monetary prize, or ???). I can't put my finger on it, specifically, but I just don't trust him. He's too slick. At least Dalager has that folksy Mayberry quality that's hard to stay mad at.

  2. Dalager - leery.

  3. Please! Don't insult Andy Griffith comparing Dalager to him.

  4. Pretty accurate depiction of my perception of Stocks.

    I hope he can step up and do something for the good of Encinitas, but I just don’t see it. What ever happened to the great idea to fix the Leucadia Rail Road Crossing. That idea seemed to die just as quick as the folks who get hit by trains at the crossing!

    To win my vote, he has to prove he is really looking out for Encinitas. Specifically, Leucadia (we’ve been the ugly stepchild for too long) and not his historical developer friends profit and the employee union’s raises and benefits.

  5. For those who have not seen it, there is an Editorial on the Brown Act and Encinitas is the U.T. today. It certainly does not depict Glenn Sabine, or the 3 "wise men" on the Council as being too asute. I love the last sentence. "Encinitas chooses to call its closed meetings "special". We call them abhorrent." Way to go Teresa and Maggie.

  6. Andy Griffith never acted inappropriately or was an ass to someone just because they weren't born in the hometown.

  7. Of course, there is a clear and simple solution to all you Leucadians whining and bleating about the color of the sandbags. Get away from your computers, buy some sandbags in a color you can all agree on and refill them yourselves.

    Occasionally reading this blog leads one to believe that Encinitas is full of nuerotic invalids who all need a Daddy to take care of them.

    You want change? Ranting about leaders doesn't make change.

    Picking up a shovel does.

    Shame on the lot of you.

  8. Old School EncinitasDecember 14, 2007 6:31 AM

    The sandbags whatever color, don't do anything. Just go look. If anything they are increasing erosion and harm to the area. I would like to see the qualifications of the person who placed them. I don't think they have any knowledge on erosion control.

    All the Sandbags do is make the area look bad. Its time us contact my govenment representatives to get them to address the issues. Call Jerome Stocks, NCTD, and call Leucadia Mainstreet Association. You would think they could do something like get rid of a few orange sand bags.

  9. just an observationDecember 14, 2007 7:35 AM

    An observation from the sidelines...A majority of voters put Jerome and Danny in office. If your impression of Encinitas politics only came from this blog, it would appear that Jerome will be eliminated in 2008. The reality is that there is a somewhat smaller group of voters who blog here and feel the citizens should wake up and realize they are not being properly served. However, they are a small minority.

    I think you are giving the average voter way too much credit. It will be difficult to unseat Jerome unless he does something totally stupid and publicly disgraceful prior to the election.

    Think for a moment who the average voter really is. Think Village Park, 2 kids, working Mom, average morals, concerned with making mortgage, etc. In other words, kinda nervous, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, Don't take any chances by rocking the boat. My guess is that most voters in Encinitas don't know who is the current mayor, or who sits on the council. If you want to replace Jerome, you better be able to appeal to these sleeping voters.

    I know you are pumped by the victory in Prop A, and feel empowered. However, how did the average sleeping Encinitas voter view that issue? They were opposed to it because it represented some greedy rich dude trying to do something a little immoral to fatten his wallet. Simple.

  10. Interesting comment about removing the sandbags ourselves. A friend of mine was pretty gunho about doing that but I talked him out of it. Why? Because who knows what kind of trouble that will get you in these days. Are you trespassing? Is it vandalism or worse? The NCTD will give you a $250 ticket just for crossing the tracks, what would they hit you with if you removed their sandbags? I don't think it's worth the risk.

  11. Jerome Stocks has voted stupidly, in my opinion, on the Brown Act noticing issue, and most recently on the failed Police Intimidation Ordinance.

    Accumulatively, he is getting bad press. This will continue to mount. Watch him on the video archives, or better still, we can go to Council Meetings and watch him in person. He is pretty rude to people that he seems to disagree with, staring off into the distance, giving no eye contact.

    Dalager does the same, lately. Watch them.

  12. the big bad wolf by archy

  13. A snake with Hair!

  14. Go purchase a spray paint which is a color you like and PAINT THE STUPID ORANGE SAND BAGS!!!
    Stop whining you self limiting losersssss!!!!
    Stocks may suck, but at least he attempts to do stuff, you losers just bitch and moan! And of course "hate Jerry"! Shit, I really miss seeing the we hate Christy posts! hahahahahahahaha!

  15. I read this blog after reading articles about NCTD and other local communities. To me it sounds like Jerome Stocks is just one of the good old boys just like Joe Kellejian in Solana Beach, Bill Horn on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. All of them should just up and leave!


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